The expertise of the country’s most renowned pálinka masters, the love of the profession, the carefully selected fruits and ingredients, and last but not least, the unbreakable experimental spirit meet each other in our premium portfolio, and the result can be found in each bottle.

ANDRÁS MÁRTON Rézangyal’s blend master

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Rézangyal Plum

  1. Introduction

The unique aroma of our pálinka is characterized by smooth chocolate and strong cocoa, accompanied with a heavier, more masculine taste. The irresistible plum’s distinct character is complemented by strong, intense aromas in our glass. A very exciting distillate as it is exclusively made of single-distilled pálinkas, with some special items such as Lepotica and Bistrița plum.


Rézangyal Apricot

  1. Introduction

In addition to the distinctive, full-bodied aromas, the higher alcohol level gives our spirit an even stronger and sweeter aroma with a spicier character. A blend of two excellent single-distilled pálinkas that are each other’s frequent rivals in competitions: one with wide and full jammy flavor and the other with notes of fresh and floral peach.


Rézangyal Aged Apple

  1. Introduction
A light, straw-yellow color with flashes of white. Its aroma evokes surprisingly strong, fresh Golden apples with a touch of cinnamon and pine honey. The taste has a thick and rich aroma. The aged apple pálinka is made of two types of distillate: a single-distilled and a double-distilled one. The double-distilled item is the basic of blending, perfectly complemented and characterized by the single-distilled, fresh and intensively aged pálinka from Szatmár county.

Rézangyal Irsai Olivér Grapes

  1. Introduction

A light, muscat flavor accompanied by an aroma reminiscent of freshly cut green grass, with floral and slightly perfumed notes. Irsai Olivér grapes are not only excellent for wines, but a main ingredient for special pálinkas as well, and can win the consumers’ favor on the first scent. Our Irsai Olivér pálinka’s freshness is due to it exclusively consisting pálinka blends that were made with single-distillation for the more intense muscat features to stand out as much as possible.


Rézangyal Sour Cherry

  1. Introduction

The higher alcohols are almost lost in the juicy and excellent aroma of cherries, which turns this strong pálinka into a chocolaty, soft, and creamy beverage. This sour cherry pálinka is a blend of perfect, fresh, single-distilled pálinkas evoking a general cherry experience, backed with good strong alcohol.


Rézangyal Apricot

  1. Introduction
Ripe apricots’ outstanding harmony of flavor and aroma makes it special. Its taste is unfalsifiable, juicy, full-bodied, and sweet apricot, with a nice touch of alcohol. Rézangyal’s apricot pálinka is made of the blending of three excellent pálinkas. Two of the three distillates are a distinctive component of the whole, as the fullness and aftertaste of the pálinka is coming from the double-distilled apricot spirit, while the fresh, floral notes are from the single-distilled one. It consists the third item in only an indicative quantity, which provides the bottle’s wider, jammier, heavier characteristics. Our blended apricot pálinka is a prime example of how the values of various flavors and aromas are adding up with different processes.

Rézangyal Barrique Plum

  1. Introduction
At first scent, it is reminiscent of cloves and star anise, which comes from the aging process in barrels. Spicy and herbal flavors take turns, and the lightness of muscat plums appear as well. Without any doubt, this is our most complex pálinka, both in terms of the number of taste and aroma notes coming from the blended items and due to the aging in barrels. The blend includes full-bodied and characteristic single-distilled Békés red plums, as well as several delicious, aromatic, and spicy plum varieties made with single-distillation, such as Japanese plums, Debrecen muscat plums, and lepotica plums. These items provide the main floral characters of the blend.

Rézangyal Black Cherry

  1. Introduction
Light, elegant, pleasantly sweet scent reminiscent of fresh flowers. Its chocolaty flavor has a sweet, marzipan aftertaste. Our black cherry pálinka is a blend of 3 excellent distillates. The core of it is a single-distilled item made from several cherry, complemented by a double-distilled second one with a more bodied and intense flavor. To make the addition of values ​​even more evident, the Szomolya black cherry, considered as the queen of cherries, is an integral part of the blend, ensuring an taste-experience.

Rézangyal Bedded Cherry Liqueur With Honey

  1. Introduction
Very popular among the youth, the one-year-long fermentation process on a bed of domesticated fruits gives its harmonic flavor characterized by distinct fruitiness, soft and especially sweet honey aromas with a spicy and characteristic aftertaste. Bedded pálinka is a fruit brandy that was aged for at least three months together with fruit. To make bedded pálinka, at least 10 kg of ripe or 5 kg of dried fruit must be added for 100 liters of pálinka. If the fruit bed is the same as the type of the pálinka, the pálinka gets its name from the given fruit (e.g. bedded plum pálinka). However, when the bed of fruit contains more than one type of fruit, the pálinka can only be called mixed fruit pálinka (e.g. bedded mixed fruit).

Rézangyal Peach Liqueur With Honey

  1. Introduction
Its aroma has more fruit: after the intense peach and some jam scents you can notice some refreshing citrus. Its taste is sweeter, less fruity, characterized by clean, full aromas, with deliciously sweet but not too raucous and intense alcohols.

Rézangyal Bedded Williams Pear

  1. Introduction
In addition to muscat, lime honey, and peach flowers, it pampers you with the scent of freshly cut, grainy, and hard-fleshed pears.

Rézangyal Bedded Peach

  1. Introduction
A real summer favorite with its sweet juicy peach aroma and strong fruit-citrus notes.

Rézangyal Bedded Raspberry

  1. Introduction
The characteristically intense aroma of raspberries almost explodes from the glass at first smell. Its juicy taste and fruity, sweet aroma give its consumer an extraordinary experience. Our bedded raspberry pálinka is not a typical raspberry pálinka, but a wider, longer-lasting distillate with more understated aromas. Bedded with fresh raspberry.

Rézangyal Bedded Plum

  1. Introduction
You can feel the intense cinnamon, cloves, and plum jam on first scent. Pleasantly creamy, flatteringly sweet.