Plants and Processes

Plants and processes

Our company is seated in Dunaharaszti while our mineral water bottling plant is located in Zalaszentgrót.

Apart from our two plants, we operate four warehouse centres in Dunaharaszti, Zalaszentgrót, Miskolc and Balatonfűzfő, run two sales offices in Budapest, and eight nationwide in Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Kecskemét, Szeged, Győr, Siófok, Székesfehérvár and Pécs. The training centre and showroom of our coffee and premium alcohol portfolio is located in the Capital Square office building in the 13th district of Budapest.

Factory quality assurance

One of the keys to the consistently high quality of Coca‑Cola products is strict production control and quality assurance.

Factory quality assurance is about making sure that our consumers can enjoy safe, premium quality products every day.

Manufacturing our products involves carrying out numerous tests in our analytical laboratory and at our production facilities. These tests cover everything from checking the receipt of raw and packaging materials to standardising water obtained from our own wells in Dunaharaszti and checking the suitability of bottles made at the plant. 

Our microbiologists test thousands of samples every month to ensure that all our soft drinks and mineral waters preserve their quality and that people can drink them with confidence.

Both manufacturing sites have all the essential and required quality control certificates: ISO, FSSC and OHSAS.

Our basic principle is not only to comply with all legal regulations but with official and corporate requirements as well. We do not compromise on food safety and all our people involved in quality assurance develop their skills continuously.

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Vending Machine Service

Our Vending Machine Service promotes the sale of products that we supply as small packages.

To do this, we buy, store, supply, repair, maintain and renew the vending machines that support the sale of such products. These machines include fridges, post-mix and vending equipment and water machines.

For over 30 years, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has been continuously expanding production at our plants in Dunaharaszti and Zalaszentgrót.

We’ve been growing production at our Dunaharaszti plant since 1994.

Here, we manufacture carbonated and non-carbonated products packaged in PET (plastic), RGB (glass), CAN and BIB (bag in box) , on eight production lines.  In addition, we carry out pre-form production; most of our bottles are fully made on the spot. 

In 2022 we became the first among the Hungarian food industry players that equipped its operation with robots led by artificial intelligence. The technology, called robot picking support employees to increase the efficiency of picking methods and provide more accurate customer service.

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In response to the growing demand from the domestic and international markets, at the end of 2023 we have inaugurated our newest, ultra-modern production line. The high-performance production line will produce single serve and multi-serve packs of carbonated Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Kinley beverages. The brand-new production line is capable of producing 36 000 bottles of 1,75 L soft drinks per hour.

The plant’s objective is to meet commercial demand by delivering the final products on time, in the right quantity and to high quality standards, in dynamically changing market circumstances.

A part of our production capacity serves export demands, and currently we deliver products made in Dunaharaszti currently to 15 countries. This makes the plant one of the biggest exporters in the Coca‑Cola HBC group. 

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It took a long time for Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary to find an appropriate mineral water well of excellent quality. Experts tested the quality and the composition of water at 25 sites in total. Finally, Zalaszentgrót, Hungary’s hundredth biggest town, was selected as the company’s bottling site.

Zalaszentgrót has a  well-trained local work force, is attractively situated and benefits from the favourable qualities of water that comes from a depth of 680 metres and has been filtered over the course of 14,000 years.

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Naturaqua, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary’s natural mineral water brand, first appeared on shelves in April 2003, initially in carbonated versions and then still. Since then, the product range has been expanded to include lightly carbonated and, later, flavoured waters. Over the years, Naturaqua has become Hungary’s leading brand.

In addition to Naturaqua, the Smartwater brand is produced in Zalaszentgrót, which is unique in terms of its production technology: during the production process, natural mineral water is transformed into a vapour, similar to the water cycle, and then mineral salts are added after condensation. The Naturaqua Emotion range is also produced in Zalaszentgrót, which is the company's presence in the mineral water-based carbonated soft drinks segment.

Production is carried out on two PET lines and on one RGB line. 

Our objective is to serve our customers’ needs even more effectively and flexibly by maintaining and further strengthening our current benchmark position within the corporate group. We are able to achieve all this with our dedicated and highly qualified team.