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"With us, the opportunity for development is not just a nice-sounding empty phrase at the end of a job advertisement! You'll gain real experience and knowledge, with mentors and coaches, specific area related while company-wide trainers will help you on your way - a strong emphasis is on on-the-job experience and peer learning."

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What kind of opportunities can you find at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary?

After completing the structured onboarding, create your individual development plan with the help of your leader in the same system in which you will access learning opportunities! You can even integrate the company tools mentioned below, but then pay attention to implementation and follow-up! By successfully completing your individual development plan you can also prove that you can be involved in a talent development program.

Enthusiastic colleagues with career plans and potential who demonstrate their ability to achieve and develop in their own work are invited to participate in talent development programmes. A series of training sessions over a period of months (up to a year) will help you to acquire and practise the skills needed for your first, and later for further levels of management. Participants will lead an individual project, that will help them to develop themselves, their colleagues, and the company.

Improve your English language skills and knowledge with our online six-month course! After the assessment, you can continue to build on the skills you already have to advance your career and even participate in international projects through the Opportunity marketplace.

Browse projects from other departments, functions, countries and join in the collaboration! This way, you can not only expand your knowledge, but also meet new colleagues, practice your English and even gain experience that you wouldn't have in your own job. As a project manager, use the advertising platform and bring new colour to the team!

Learn from our experienced leaders, read how they became successful! Choose a Hungarian or English-speaking mentor, even at director level, to build relationships alongside professional development.

Our "Coaching Corner" program is open to any of our employees. Find a Hungarian or English-speaking coach among our formally qualified colleagues on our internal page if you want to maximise your performance, live your daily life more consciously at work, talk to someone about your current stagnation/problem, and many more!

Expand your knowledge in your field of expertise! Sales and supply chain colleagues participate in a job-specific academy programme designed specifically for their area of work to help them solve everyday challenges.

Browse through our internal development platform and find more than 7200 learning opportunities, of which more than 500 are available in Hungarian. If you only have a few minutes, you can watch a short video, but if you have more time, you can sign up for a full-day training.

Whenever a leader steps up to a particular level for the first time (or even becomes a leader for the first time in their life), they will receive extra support to tackle their biggest challenges. Throughout the months of practice-focused training, we will support them with a range of tools that they can immediately integrate into their daily operations.

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