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Video Gallery

Take a look at our videos to get a flavour of who we are and what we’re doing across our business.


KeelClip™ in Hungary

Coca-Cola Hungary has reached another milestone on the road to a World Without Waste: the company is replacing the previous shrink foil used for its multipacks of 4 and 6 aluminium cans, with the 100 percent recyclable and innovative KeelClip™ cardboard packaging technology.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary X MOME – “My Coffee, Our Planet” paper cup design competition 2021

The "My Coffee, Our Planet" design competition, organized by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary and Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) for students of the university, has ended. The winning designs are to be used on the 100 percent recyclable paper cups that will gradually replace single-use plastic cups in the company's hot drink vending machines during the first half of 2022. More than 1,000 hot drink vending machines across the country will offer tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in fully recyclable paper cups with a design that promotes consumer awareness. 

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Coca-Cola HBC Commits to Net Zero Emissions by 2040

Coca-Cola HBC AG announced a commitment to achieving net zero emissions across its entire value chain by 2040. Via an existing, approved science-based target, by 2030 the company will reduce its value chain Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in scopes 1,2 and 3 by 25%, with a further 50% reduction in the following decade.  To address the 90% of emissions in scope 3 resulting from third party actions, CCH will broaden its existing partnership approach with suppliers.  Wherever the issue cannot be eliminated entirely, the business will mitigate these by investing in other climate protection measures.

Costa Coffee presents: What does coffee intensity mean? 

A common misbelief in the coffee world that there is a strong connection between the numbers displayed on the packages and the invigorating effect of the coffee, the caffeine content. You can find out what coffee intensity means and why it should not be confused with caffeine content in our video made for International Coffee Day!

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Zero Waste Tisza River Volunteer's Day - Fourth Mission

The tri-lateral coalition of the NGO Tisza PET Cup, the National Directorate General of Water Management and The Coca-Cola Foundation  - The Coca-Cola Company charitable arm – collected 80 tons of waste over two years. Thanks to the foundation’s $250,000 grant, the Zero Waste Tisza program gave much more than just short-term waste collection to the river and program participants: they started GPS-based tracking for waste mapping, built the first Kisköre River Saver Center and, using plastic as a useful secondary raw material, crafted prototypes of the unique Plastic Kayak. Based on these successes, the program has earned its next phase and another $150,000 grant.

Coca-Cola in Europe announces upcoming trial for first paper bottle prototype

The trial is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of this year and will involve the Company’s plant-based AdeZ drink being offered to 2,000 consumers in Hungary, through a partnership with - one of Hungary’s fastest growing online grocery retailers.

The paper bottle prototype is coming soon! 

Hungarian consumers are the firsts who can try out the innovative paper bottle prototype developed by The Coca-Cola Company together with the Danish startup Paboco last year. The trial is scheduled to take place in the second quarter of this year and the new packaging will be offered to 2,000 consumers in Hungary.

GPS bottle is released into Bodrog River

A new chapter has begun in the exploration of our rivers’ waste situation. As part of PLASTIC Cup’s research and development program, experts released three plastic bottles equipped with GPS transmitters into the river, which can transmit real-time data and show on a map where the bottles are. 

The legendary Coca-Cola Santa turns 100 years old this year

Coca-Cola launched its first Christmas advertising campaign a hundred years ago, and since then, the figure of Santa and his illuminated truck have become iconic. But how did it all start? You can find out from our video! 

Costa Coffee presents: The Wonder of Coffee Capsules

A perfect coffee inside a tiny capsule with a guaranteed quality, at the touch of a button. The second episode of Costa’s series is about the always faultless coffee capsule.

Coca-Cola is developing paper bottles – watch the prototype in a video!

100% paper, 100% recycled materials. The Coca-Cola Company is working for a World Without Waste. To achieve these goals, they have created the first paper bottle prototype together with the Paboco startup company. The special bottle is revealed in a video, which also give us a glimpse into the lab, where the prototypes are being tested.

Costa Coffee presents: The secrets of a perfect moka pot coffee

There is a misconception about at-home coffee-making, claiming that you cannot make a good coffee with a moka pot. But this is not true. Let’s see what are the few things you need to look out for! As we celebrate World Coffee Day, we welcome you to the first part of our series on the tricks of coffee making!

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The PET Cup tracks the waste’s path with transmitter bottles

Experts of the PET Cup let PET bottles equipped with GPS into the river, with the help of the Upper Tisza Diving and Lifeguard Organization. The four bottles thrown into the flooding Tisza at Vásárosnamény are helping the PET Cup’s waste monitoring program. During the tracking research, the bottles receive GPS signals and transmit radio signals.