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Take a look at our videos to get a flavour of who we are and what we’re doing across our business.


Costa Coffee presents: The Wonder of Coffee Capsules

A perfect coffee inside a tiny capsule with a guaranteed quality, at the touch of a button. The second episode of Costa’s series is about the always faultless coffee capsule.

Coca-Cola is developing paper bottles – watch the prototype in a video!

100% paper, 100% recycled materials. The Coca-Cola Company is working for a World Without Waste. To achieve these goals, they have created the first paper bottle prototype together with the Paboco startup company. The special bottle is revealed in a video, which also give us a glimpse into the lab, where the prototypes are being tested.

Costa Coffee presents: The secrets of a perfect moka pot coffee

There is a misconception about at-home coffee-making, claiming that you cannot make a good coffee with a moka pot. But this is not true. Let’s see what are the few things you need to look out for! As we celebrate World Coffee Day, we welcome you to the first part of our series on the tricks of coffee making!

(English subtitles)

The PET Cup tracks the waste’s path with transmitter bottles

Experts of the PET Cup let PET bottles equipped with GPS into the river, with the help of the Upper Tisza Diving and Lifeguard Organization. The four bottles thrown into the flooding Tisza at Vásárosnamény are helping the PET Cup’s waste monitoring program. During the tracking research, the bottles receive GPS signals and transmit radio signals.