Hungarians spend more than 13 billion forints on coffee capsules per year

The growth of the Hungarian coffee market is driven by coffee beans and capsules – while beans accounted for 13 percent of the retail coffee volume sold on the market in 2019, capsules accounted for 23% in the same year. Building on this dynamic development, the Costa Coffee portfolio, launched on the Hungarian market at the end of May, has made coffee capsules available in Hungary, which can be purchased in several stores with the rest of their products.

According to Nielsen market research, about 1,200 tons, nearly 170 million coffee capsules were sold in Hungary last year – worth approximately HUF 13.4 billion. As a result, the value share of coffee capsules in retail sales was 23 percent last year.

Breakthrough in the capsule coffee market

The breakthrough for coffee capsules in the domestic market happened in 2018, when capsule packs of well-known brands were introduced in Hungary. Beside the consistent quality, capsulated coffee offers a quick and easy solution. The coffee is ground and roasted in the factory, then placed in the capsule in perfect dosage and hermetically sealed, ensuring the perfect future aroma. At home, the same guaranteed quality gets in the cup at the touch of a button – as revealed in Costa Coffee's educational video series, which gives you a step by step guide to improve your home coffee-brewing technique.

A variety of capsules

Many people like to drink coffee of different flavours and intensities. Capsules provide a good opportunity for this as well, but it is important to note that caffeine content and the strength of the coffee are not the same thing. The caffeine content mostly depends on the proportion of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans in each package. Robusta can contain up to twice as much caffeine as Arabica, and the strength, which is numbered on the packaging, shows the intensity of the taste. The great advantage of coffee capsules is that we can try many flavours and intensities without having to commit to one variant for a long time. And the five flavours of Costa coffee capsules give a great opportunity for experimentation.