Environment protection

Environment protection

Energy consumption efficiently and green

We are committed to using energy necessary for our operation efficiently while we are reducing the carbon-dioxide emission of our energy consumption.
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We are proud that products of Coca‑Cola Hungary are maunfactured with green energy. Our plant in Zalaszentgrót has used 100% renewable electricity since 2016 and our Dunaharaszti plant has done so since 2017.

Green operation is enhanced by heat pumps in Zalaszentgrót. They supply the plant with green thermal energy, so its operation is almost fully carbon-free.

Efficient energy consumption

Our core activities, production and the related transportation of our products, would be impossible without significant energy consumption. Consequently, we are committed to increasing our energy efficiency while reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG) resulting from our activities.

We run an unified energy-control system (ISO 50001) countrywide, set yearly objectives and prepare action plans aimed at reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.

Responsible procurement

Procurement of the raw materials of our products and our suppliers’ performance have a large impact on the size of our economical, operational and environmental footprint.

We cooperate with responsible suppliers

It is highly important for us that our suppliers are selected according to independent criteria, free of manipulation. All our new suppliers have to go through quality risk assessment so that we can ensure that they comply with our high quality standards. With an independent party involved, we regularly conduct supply chain audits where we examine not only compliance with the law but the policy of Coca‑Cola HBC Group.

We also require impeccable operation from our partners. Our General Contractual Conditions and our Supplier Guidelines contain the rules and principles they are required to follow while working with us.

Raw materials from sustainable resources

We are committed to cooperating only with those suppliers in the Coca‑Cola System which procure their agricultural raw materials in a sustainable way certainly and certified.

Water stewardship

Our commitment to responsible water use has permeated all our processes and supply chain.

Water is the primary component of all our manufacturing processes, it is indispensable for making our products and for the production of the agricultural raw materials used in our plants.

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We take steps for a more efficient water consumption

We monitor our water consumption with our environment management system ISO 14001. We set goals for water usage every year and prepare action plans and projects to reduce water consumption.

We monitor our water consumption targets annually and pursue further initiatives based on the results. In 2022, our water consumption target per 1 litre of finished product was 1.72 litres of water, and our final result was 1.69 litres.

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As a recognition of best practice in sustainable water stewardship, our Zalaszentgrót plant has had golden qualification of European Water Stewardship since 2014 and our Dunaharaszti plant has had it since 2016.


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