Supply Chain

Supply chain

In addition to bottling and quality control, we co-ordinate several areas that play a key role, from production planning to delivering our products to buyers.


Production planning is about assessing production and delivery needs to make sure that all capacities and resources (personnel, production lines, transport) and all basic materials for production are available, so that we can always meet market demand with the lowest possible level of stock.

Our planning department is run regionally, and covers the following areas:

  • Production planning
  • Basic material procurement
  • Planning for export-import and domestic fill-up deliveries.
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Purchasing basic materials, equipment and services is managed and controlled by a team whose remit goes beyond simply purchasing. The team also assesses purchasing needs and plans purchasing processes as well as carrying out strategic planning.

Purchasing’s primary objective is to provide supplies for both the short and long term; continuous production may be interrupted by a lack of materials and/or services.

Our professional role as business partner and purchase manager continuously supports and serves the business in the most cost-effective manner by purchasing the most appropriate goods and services.


The finished product is stored, moved and delivered by the logistics services co-ordinating team. Its role is to deliver  products that have been ordered at the right time and place in a cost-effective way and to the satisfaction of our customers, departments and internal buyers. Our warehouse, dispatch, distribution, buyer logistics, vending machine service and fleet teams work together in order to meet our targets.


The Dunaharaszti central warehouse functions as a regional distribution centre that supplies the production line ends  and receives products from the plant and imports of water from Zalaszentgrót, as well as serving the trucks used to make deliveries to markets home and abroad.

Warehousing’s role is complex; we manage basic materials, finished products, marketing materials, uniforms and materials for filling drink and snack machines. We also operate a tax and excise warehouse for storing alcoholic beverages.

In 2015, 300 employees managed 2.5 million pallets of product.

Our product warehouse is 30,000m², providing a total storage capacity of 36,000 pallets. In addition to serving production, distribution and sales, we also register and inventory this amount of product as well as safeguarding its quality and quantity.


The Hungarian dispatcher team is what connects sales and the warehouses.

Our main purpose is to provide maximum customer service and cost effectiveness. The team’s role includes stock control/provision, organising freight delivery, notifying/checking with transporters, tracking freight and maintaining prime customer data as well as regular contact and co-operation with internal departments.


In order to maintain strong contacts with our buyers, we run six distribution centres and depots in addition to the central warehouse in Dunaharaszti. These are located in Győr, Siófok, Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen and Miskolc.

About 60 percent of our sales to large-scale buyers come directly from our central warehouse in Dunaharaszti as “bulk” shipping. This means supplying central warehouses of store chains and our wholesalers, as well as those department stores and sales points whose order can fill up an entire lorry.

Sixty percent of small orders are delivered from Dunaharaszti in 24 hours, with 40 percent delivered from our depots to our partners’ stores within 48 hours by trucks operated under delivery contracts.


Guiding principles for suppliers

Would you like to work with Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary?

We welcome suppliers in the following areas: 

  • Marketing materials
  • Sales-related and general services
  • Basic and packaging materials
  • Cold beverage servicing and vending machines
  • Fleet management
  • Technical procurement (maintenance, logistics)
  • Technical procurement (investment, waste management, environment and labour protection)
  • Building operation services

Interested in becoming a Coca‑Cola HBC supplier?

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Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary is one of the regional production centres of the Hellenic Group.

As a regional production centre, we export more than 100 different products to 26 countries.


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