#YouthEmpowered for youth

We have launched our #YouthEmpowered program in 2017 with the aim to help and support NEET(Not in Education, Employment or Training) youth between the ages 18-30 who have difficulties finding their place on the labour market, or previously had no success in finding a job, or those who simply don't know what they would like to do.

We focus on those people, who have some ideas and would like to advance in their career paths but have difficulties with taking the first steps and need support, practical knowledge and motivation.

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We believe that in most of the cases, it is not the professional experience that is missing, but rather self-confidence, motivation, a network or certain communicational skills that hold back young people from finding their fulfilling place on the labour market.

These were the main pressure points that we have specifically had in mind when we have developed our in-person trainings and the online modules of our #YouthEmpowered program, which was enrolled by nearly 8000 people since its launch in 2017.

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Ever since launching the program, we have continuously increased the number of our target groups: apart from young people between the ages 18-30, disadvantaged groups and university students, we focus on young parents and young women as well now, and we are currently working on launching our trainings for people with disabilities and special needs.

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We are committed to reaching our target groups in the most appropriate and relevant way, and we put great focus on adjusting our core learning material to the very needs of each group. We work together with different NGOs, associations and educational centres, altogether with over 20 professional trainers, who help us in reaching our target groups, organising the training sessions and having a conversation with our participants on a longer term.

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During our free, full day workshops participants are trained by professional trainers on how to apply for a job, how to behave on a job interview, but they are also being helped through exercises focusing on self-knowledge and empowerment. They receive guidance and motivation to apply to trainings which will help them to become the people they really want to be. One of the biggest benefits of our in-person workshops is that participants have the possibility to build their network and discuss their questions in their own community, with people in similar situations.

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Apart from our in-person trainings, the learning material of #YouthEmpowered is also available online, on www.enjovom.hu. The online modules found here are partially overlapping and partially complementing the trainings material of our in-person trainings and all of them aim to help those who cannot join our workshops or would like to further develop their skills.

Since 2019, we are organising our program together with the Hungarian subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company, putting even more focus on training expectant moms, young parents, young women and disadvantaged groups.


young people have joined the program until the end of 2019


people by the end of July 2020


young people is the goal by the end of 2020

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