Creating and sharing value

Our business model is at the heart of everything we do. It defines the activities in which we take part, the relationships on which we depend and what we want to achieve in order to create value for all our stakeholders in the short, medium and long term.

Our resources

It starts with our resources. We manage the resources available to our business carefully:

  • Financial: shareholders’ equity, debt
  • Manufactured: plants, warehouses, distribution centres
  • Human: employees, partners
  • Intellectual: brands, standards, processes, corporate reputation
  • Social: communities, customers, suppliers, diverse groups of stakeholders, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), IGOs (Intergovernmental Organisations), industry coalitions
  • Partnering: with The Coca‑Cola Company

outlets reached in 2015


unit cases of beverages sold in 2015

cc-warehouse-and-truck-coca-cola cc-warehouse-and-truck-coca-cola

We add value by

Broadening our distribution while being more efficient...

customers-coca-cola customers-coca-cola

Joining forces with our customers to deliver flawlessly...

consumers-coca-cola-2 consumers-coca-cola-2

And winning the trust of our stakeholders and consumers.

Sharing value

We create value for our stakeholders which, in turn, builds value for our business over time.

  • Employees: developing, recognising and rewarding our people secures a skilled and motivated workforce
  • The Coca‑Cola Company: investing in leading brands and our business, coupled with flawless execution in production and the marketplace, ensures a fruitful partnership for years to come
  • Communities and environment: enriching the lives of communities, contributing to the public good and safeguarding the environment enhances our local presence and earns the trust of communities
  • Customers: supporting our trade partners to build their business provides us with diverse range of channels
  • Consumers: meeting consumer needs by offering choice and quality generates revenue, contributing to the sustainability of our business
  • Shareholders: delivering strong sustainable earnings and dividends establishes a supporting shareholder base