Sustainability Report

We report on our sustainability performance and goals, the progress we make each year in our Sustainability Report.

Corporate sustainability and responsibility are an essential part of Coca-Cola HBC  Hungary’s culture. As responsible economic operators, we consider it important to  manage the environmental risks arising from our operations and to make a positive  contribution to the protection of our environment and natural resources in many  different areas.


Net revenues in 2021 (billion Ft)


Produced beverages in 2021 (million liter)


Investments in 2021 (billion Ft)


This year also entailed the challenges of the pandemic that broke out in 2020, but this time we were much more prepared to overcome the obstacles. We emerged stronger from the difficulties, having successfully increased our market share and ended a prosperous economic year compared to the previous one. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our employees, an eventful and successful year is behind us. Thanks to all my colleagues for their persistent work!

With all of those aspects in mind, I am confident that our Sustainability Report provides thus far a comprehensive overview of our company's activities and achievements upon which we can build together in the coming years.

László Békefi General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

About our sustainability report

Since 2008, we have given an account of our sustainability performance and the progress we make. Since 2016, we have prepared our Sustainability Report on a yearly basis, according to the most widely used international framework GRI Standards, level “Core”.

In this report, we summarize our most important commitments, pursuits and impacts, while we maintain transparency and objectivity in publication since transparent operation and our stakeholders’ trust are of utmost importance for us.


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