Balanced Nutrition and Lifestyle

Balanced nutrition and lifestyle

We are committed to offering our consumers a variety of alternatives and helping them eat more health-consciously.

We uphold our responsibility for our consumer's health manifested in our portfolio and operation. We are committed to offering a wide and diverse choice and alternatives so that we can help our consumers find the product of their taste and be on a balanced and healthy diet.


What do we do for our consumer's health?

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Heath and nutrition of our customers. 

We are constantly developing our portfolio by introducing new products with reduced or zero sugar content, which leads to a widening of the category. By adapting existing formulas and introducing new, innovative products, the share of reduced-calorie and calorie-free beverages in our portfolio in the non alcoholic beverage category increased from 23% to 61% between 2010 and 2021.

There is cooperation at industry level to reduce the sugar and calorie content of products, an objective that is in line with our own commitments. Our goal is to provide our consumers a selection in which everyone can find the most suitable products.

Total sales volume and proportion of products with reduced sugar content or sweeteners (thousand liters)

totalsales_reducedsugar totalsales_reducedsugar

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About our commitments

It is fundamental to our business to produce our products in full compliance with food safety standards and legislation. We are committed to best-practice manufacturing and hygiene processes, and to the continuous improvement of our corporate quality culture in a way that spotlights food safety at the forefront of all aspects of product production. 

Our company evaluates all raw materials, semi-finished and finished products during production, storage, transportation, distribution and use to provide healthy and safe food for our consumers. Additionally, we have set our food safety goals to protect our consumers, keeping in mind the continuous development. 

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It is our highest priority to satisfy the needs of our consumers at the highest level possible and prevent any risks or complaints concerning quality or food safety.

We not only comply with the laws and the strict regulations of The Coca‑Cola Company, but we strive to surpass them. Our production is controlled by quality management systems (ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000) audited by independent parties, our internal rules and commitments are included in our Quality and Food Safety Policies. Internal and external audits, continuous microbiology examinations ensure that we fully comply even with the highest requirements.

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Continuous quality control involving our colleagues

We have our own laboratory in our plant where more than 100 enthusiastic colleagues of ours help us test products with senses every day. After having performed an internal training, our colleagues examine the taste, colour and scent of our products so that we can constantly provide high quality. We test products, raw materials, packaging materials and in-process samplings in our well-equipped microbiology and analytics laboratories.

In 2022, there were no legal noncompliance or recalls concerning health and food safety among our distributed products due to product non-conformity.

Efficient and responsible marketing is a key component of our sustainable business model.

We always strive to provide balanced, true, and clear information about our products, while paying attention to the target audience and messages that our advertisements and promotions convey. We treat our consumers with the utmost respect and communicate to help them to build a more responsible and sustainable world.

SBT_7680 SBT_7680

As a member of the European Non-Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers Association (UNESDA), we have made voluntary commitments to responsible advertising and commercial communication. Accordingly, we do not advertise on media platforms that would directly influence children, and we firmly stand by the fact that we do not carry out direct commercial activities in primary schools, so we only sell mineral water and fruit juices in school cafeterias. From 2019, we only sell calorie-free (maximum 4 calories/100 ml energy) or low-calorie drinks near schools, both for primary and secondary school students.

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Our labels help to make a conscious choice

When purchasing our products, we strive to ensure that the packaging is not only suitable and easy to handle, but that also our consumers are aware of the afterlife and management of packaging waste. In 2022, we published information on the packaging of our products, emphasising the possibility of recycling and the importance of separate waste collection for our consumers.

In addition to complying with our legal obligations, we have made voluntary commitments to ensure that we communicate our products to our consumers in a responsible manner. In 2022, we did not have any non-compliance with our legal or voluntary commitments regarding product labelling and marking.

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About our commitments