Our Communities

Our successes are hugely depended on the vitality and wellbeing of the communities we live and operate within.

Our responsible operation requires us to address the needs and demands of the communities that surround us. We are for openness, partnership and mutual respect in the relationship with our communities everywhere we work, live and distribute our products.

We actively participate in the lives of our communities through our volunteering, Zero Waste Tisza and #YouthEmpowered programs. In case any further support is needed, we will act without hesitation.

oenkéntes oenkéntes

Our employees as volunteers for local communities

Our corporate volunteering program having operated since 2007 is a key element of our CSR strategy. Within the framework of this program, our employees support important local projects and by this means we integrate social responsibility mindset into our daily operation and raise sense of responsibility for communities within our organization.

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We have implemented three programs in the last few years. Our CDO team gave supplies to the animal shelter in Budaörs and took the abandoned dogs out for a walk. Our commercial, logistics and sales teams visited the Árpád Fejedelem elementary school in Dunavarsány, where they painted the gymnasium’s walls, and made the running track and the playground beautiful. The acquisition team cleaned up around the Árpád Lookout Tower, including polishing and cleaning the handrails, benches, tables, and trash bins.




volunteering hours

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Volunteering days at Tisza

Since the 1st of August 2019, 161 colleagues have participated in our three volunteering days. As part of our Zero Waste Tisza program, our colleagues collected the waste accumulated in Tisza river and its floodplains. Our volunteers spent 1288 working hours picking up garbage around Kisköre, Dinnyéshát, and Tiszaszalka, collecting 4.5 ton of waste.

voroskereszt_kelemen_kristof2 voroskereszt_kelemen_kristof2

Our business developers supporting the Hungarian Red Cross

During the crisis caused by coronavirus, 5 of our business developers have joined the charitable organization full-time, and another 16 colleagues have also volunteered to support them in their free time. They helped to distribute, pack up and deliver the donations. In May 2020, Coca‑Cola cars delivered chocolate, cooking oil, canned food, diapers, and cooked meals among others to mother’s and homeless shelters, hospitals, as well as to the elder, sick, and handicapped people or to those who live under difficult conditions.

We believe, only by joint efforts we can achieve our most ambitious goals.

To reach common goals we think it is important to establish partnership with many organisations.

efosz efosz
National Association of Food Processors

The National Association of Food Processors represents interests related to food industry regulations and helps manufacturers maintain consumer's trust.

mügyász mügyász
Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association

Hungarian Mineral Water, Fruit Juice and Soft Drink Association is a professional advocacy of the manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages which represents 95% of mineral water manufacturers and 80% of soft drink and juice manufacturers. It looks out for the common interests of the trade in Hungary and abroad, but also protects consumer's interests. It regularly informs all those interested, and conducts awareness raising campaigns.

mm-logo mm-logo
Branded Goods Association Hungary

Branded Goods Association Hungary has represented manufacturers of daily consumer products and FMCG industry since 1995.

bcsdh_logo bcsdh_logo
Business Council Hungary

Business Council fosters sustainable development in each member states putting principles into practice and developing new solutions to increase business competitiveness. It contributes to the sustainable development of the Hungarian economy and society.

voroskereszt voroskereszt
Hungarian Red Cross

 It is the Hungarian branch of the International Red Cross Association..

magyar-szeszipari-szovetseg-es-termektanacs magyar-szeszipari-szovetseg-es-termektanacs
Spirits Industry Association and Product Council

Business organisations of Hungarian spirit manufacturing and distributing industry founded this association to advocate for their professional interest and foster their social contribution..

elelmiszerbank_logojo elelmiszerbank_logojo
Hungarian Food Bank Association

Hungarian Food Bank Association aims to connect those in need with those who can donate food surpluses accumulated in Hungary. It wants to reduce wasting of food and poverty in Hungary and by doing so it also contributes to decreasing the environmental impact of food destruction..