Partnerships and Memberships

Partnerships and memberships

We believe that it's by working together that we can make the biggest difference.

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As ambassador of responsible community behaviour, we build a community that is willing and active, where the actors of the business and non-profit sector, the decision makers and influencers are creating the conditions for progressive social and environmental changes taking the viewpoints of business value creation and sustainability into account. 



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Hungarian Food Bank Association

The Hungarian Food Bank Association is a non-profit organization that works to make a link between surplus food and people in need in Hungary in order to help reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition. They strive to raise awareness among players of the food chain, who then -with or without the Food Bank- offer the surplus food for the needy instead of eliminating it. The Hungarian Food Bank Association started its work in September 2005, and became a full-fledged member of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) in 2006.

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Federation of Hungarian Food Insutries 

The Federation of Hungarian Food Industries represents the regulatory interests of the food industry and helps manufacturers maintain consumer confidence.



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The Hungarian Juice and Soft Drink Association

The Hungarian Juice and Soft Drink Association represents the interests of 95 percent of all Hungarian mineral water and 80 percent of fruit juice producers. Besides representing common professional interests both in Hungary and abroad, it provides consumer protection, spreads important information and builds awareness.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

AmCham Hungary is one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, representing American, international and local business interests in Hungary.

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Platform for action on diet, physical activity and health
The Platform brings together agencies, scientists, non-governmental organisations and companies to act against obesity and promote a balanced lifestyle and good nutrition.


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National Vending Machines Association

The National Vending Machines Association represents the interests of the vending industry.





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Advertising Standards Board

The self-regulating body for Hungarian advertising.


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Hungarian Spirits Association

Organisations involved in spirit production and distribution created the Association in order to provide professional representation for themselves and to enhance their social responsibility.


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Hungarian Red Cross
The Hungarian branch of the Red Cross Federation.


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World Wildlife Fund

The Hungarian branch of the World Wildlife Fund, with a goal to preserve biodiversity, reduce environmental pollution, promote sustainable use of natural resources in the long term and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.


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Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

The Chamber supports the Hungarian agricultural industry, driving competitiveness as well as providing expert advice and information to farmers.


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Hungarian Brand Association

The Hungarian Brand Association has been representing those involved in the FMCG industry since 1995.


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Greek Chamber of Commerce

The Hungarian-Greek Chamber of Commerce aims to coordinate, develop and facilitate trade, industry, investment, technology and tourism relations between Hungary and Greece and to improve and expand industrial, commercial, technological and tourism cooperation between the countries.