Hungarians are open to refreshing coffee specialties, iced coffee is sort of a hit of hot summer afternoons

As hot days become more frequent, there is nothing we crave more than refreshment when heatwaves come. More than half of coffee consumers occasionally or regularly drink iced coffee during the summer season. Many of them enjoy a refreshing drink anytime, anywhere in the heat, as the representative survey conducted by Costa Coffee and gkid in June 2023 revealed. Using the quality products of Costa Coffee, we can make the perfect refreshing drinks that will help us escape from the daily routine and give us the summer experience, even if we are trying to survive the sweltering hot weather within the four walls and not on the shores of Lake Balaton.

A glass of iced coffee can be particularly welcome in the heat, and in general, Hungarian coffee lovers are also keen to choose the refreshing versions in the summer. More than half (52 percent) of the survey respondents drink iced coffee occasionally or regularly.

Quality is important so as the ice cream coffee

In the 12-month period ended at the end of May, the Hungarian retail coffee market was worth HUF 82.8 billion, according to market researcher Nielsen. The market grew by 20% in value but the quantity of sold coffee fell by 11 percent in volume to 18.2 million tons compared to the previous year. Coffee prices have risen, mainly due to higher raw material prices and the changing economic environment, and consumers purchased lower quantities. Ground coffee remains the largest segment of the Hungarian coffee market, while the most important markets for brands represented by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary - Costa Coffee and Caffè Vergnano - are beans coffee and Nespresso compatible capsules. In the 12-month period ended at the end of May, sales of beans coffee fell marginally by 3 percent to 3.7 million tons, while the market for Nespresso compatible capsules did not shrink in volume, even grew slightly, from 501 thousand kg to 503 thousand kg. In these two premium segments (beans and capsules), consumption has not decreased significantly despite the price increases, and consumers who prefer quality have maintained their habits. 

Costa_Coffee_nyári_kutatás_01 Costa_Coffee_nyári_kutatás_01

The need for quality coffee is also an important aspect if we want to enjoy a real iced coffee experience. The survey carried out in June revealed that the most popular versions are ice cream coffee (43 percent) and cappuccino freddo (40 percent), but frappé (27 percent) and espresso freddo (24 percent) are also favored by consumers. Women prefer coffee with ice cream (49 percent) during summer, while men choose mainly cappuccino freddo (37 percent), a commonly popular drink in Mediterranean countries.

Whether we spend our time at home, in the office, on the shores of Lake Balaton or in an exotic country, with Costa Coffee products summer and holiday are wherever we are. Sip after sip of a refreshing cup of coffee, we can recall wonderful moments, take our time to relax, daydream or admire the surroundings.

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Favored by women and young people

Consumption of iced coffee is more common among women. While 60 percent of women drink cold coffee drinks, the proportion for men is only 45 percent. Interesting to note that younger respondents are more likely to consume the chilled versions: ten out of ten respondents under the age of 29 drink iced coffee with some regularity, while only seven out of ten 30-39-year-olds said so, and the proportion decreases further with increasing age.

Iced coffee is the highlight of the afternoon

Many people like to start their day with a hot cup of java, but the majority (68 percent) prefer to drink iced coffee in the afternoon. 36 percent of respondents take a break for a refreshing drink in the late morning, while 21 percent prefer to have a cold coffee right after waking up. The youngest age group drink more iced coffee than average at the end of the day: 14 percent of 18-29-year-olds consume a glass of the iced version in the evening as well, while the proportion is only 5 percent among all respondents.

Costa_Coffee_nyári_kutatás_03 Costa_Coffee_nyári_kutatás_03

It is enjoyable anywhere, anytime

40 percent of participants of the Costa Coffee and gkid survey are ready for a refreshing coffee anywhere, anytime during the summer. 33 percent of all respondents like to have java with ice at home with their family, while only 6 percent of 18-29 year olds do the same. 69 percent of young people prefer to drink iced coffee even by themselves, while 49 percent would rather go to a café for the experience.

The joy of everyday life

Whether consumed at home or during holiday, Costa Coffee is the perfect source of refreshment that helps to bring summer moments into everyday life. With the quality products of Costa Coffee we can escape from everyday life for a few minutes, relax, recharge and prepare for the experiences and tasks ahead.


Iced coffee is an essential part of summer coffee drinking occasions and has been providing a refreshing coffee experience for centuries. Recipes vary between countries and there are countless ways of preparing this delicate drink. It is impossible to choose the best one, and there is no need for that: the coffee experience is defined by the quality ingredients, individual preferences, and creativity. Iced coffee is not just an energizing drink, it is rather a dessert, a source of joy and pleasure in everyday life, an escape from reality and it brings us the best moments of the summer.

Iván Gávris Coffee expert at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

Hungarians are open to try specialities

The overwhelming majority of survey respondents (72 percent) are open to try coffee specialties in the summer. 41 percent are curious to find something new that catches their interest, 17 percent like to taste local specialties, while 14 percent are open to any coffee novelties. 28 percent of the participants do not take any risks and choose their favorite coffee. In this regard, women are more open to novelties than men, and especially the youngest age group is looking for specialties. 45 percent of 18-29-year-olds are willing to try any coffee varieties.

With Costa Coffee, we can always make everyday life more enjoyable. This is why we present three summer coffee recipes that will help freshen up during the hottest summer days. All recipes are easy to prepare even at home or at work. Remember, the best ingredients for a quality coffee experience are always available at Costa Coffee!

The survey was conducted by gkid Research & Consulting on behalf of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary in June 2023, interviewing 2,326 individuals.