The harmony of values is presented in a short film

A premium pálinka can only be made from fruit selected with great care and expertise, and with the help of highly skilled distillers. András Márton, Rézangyal’s blend master shows us in a short film, how the different flavor and aroma characteristics complement each other in a perfect way through blending.
rezangyal_marton-andras rezangyal_marton-andras

The word blend originally comes from Scotland and means the marriage of different ingredients. The perfected blending process can ensure constant top-quality from thousands of variables. This process is common in port wine, champagne, and Rézangyal pálinka. Blending is a way to make an item with the most complex and highest quality characteristics, while eliminating the differences between various vintages.

Rézangyal by András Márton, uses several pálinkas with different flavor and aroma characteristics to create a new one, the best one. All of Rézangyal premium pálinkas are real masterpieces, which couldn’t have been made without tireless experimentation, determination, high-quality ingredients and a precise idea.

rezangyal_kollekcio rezangyal_kollekcio

Rézangyal’s premium collection, which includes Apricot, Irsai Olivér Grapes, Plum, Ripe Apple, and Sour Cherry pálinkas was introduced in the summer of 2019.


We judged each pálinkas, which were made with different processes, then classified them based on the main notes and characteristics, and we outlined a flavor map at the end. The premium collection has been selected in such a way that the cumulative values of the flavor and aroma characteristics of the given fruit can meet in a perfect harmony in each bottle. The result of our country’s most renowned palinka masters’ expertise, the love of the profession, the carefully selected fruits and ingredients, and last but not least, the unbreakable experimental spirit can be found in each bottle. 

András Márton Rézangyal’s blend master

The video below, which was created by HEYTHERE agency (, presents András Márton’s job and the process of blending.