Costa Coffee

Coca-Cola HBC Our Group is the first of Coca-Cola’s partners to launch and distribute Costa Coffee. Hungary is one of the first countries in Coca‑Cola HBC’s 29-market strong Group to roll out the Rainforest Alliance Certified premium coffee.


Adding the exceptional Costa brand reinforces the strength, breadth and flexibility of our portfolio and marks the start of our long-term growth plan to provide Costa Coffee, whatever and wherever the occasion across the countries we are present. 

Zoran Bogdanovic, CEO of Coca‑Cola HBC

This means that the great taste of Costa Coffee is now available in a new range that can be enjoyed at-home and at-work in Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia and Russia, with more to come by the end of 2020.

Prodromos Nikolaidis

Combining our scale and distribution credentials, as well as the multiple solutions and support we will be offering, with the exceptional Costa Coffee brand, will enable us to become the best coffee partner for our customers and their consumers and shoppers.

Prodromos Nikolaidis Group Coffee Director

Product range & blends

We offer a wide range of blends and formats to meet all consumer and customer needs.

In addition to this, we provide best in class training, service and technical support. Our full range of Costa Coffee products includes whole beans, roast & ground coffee and coffee pods.

Coffee Break

Read more about the exciting world of coffee from our team of coffee experts. 

The Costa Coffee story started over 50 years ago with two brothers and just one dream. Since then, a lot has changed, but its values and commitment to serving great tasting coffee hasn't. Coca-Cola HBC and Costa Coffee have unveiled a new range of Costa Coffee products to enjoy at-home, on-the-go and at-work which are now available for coffee lovers in an increasing number of countries.

Choose a product

Costa goods 200g 2023

Ground coffee



There is nothing like the making of a perfect cup of coffee. Get your hand on our famous Signature Blend or on any other Character Roast coffees, and get to brewing!

Our ground coffees come in 200g packs and in so-called „soft pack” packaging, with aroma sealing valve, ensures a long lasting aroma. Further information on “soft pack packaging”:

Available flavors:

  • Signature Blend (medium roast)– smooth & nutty
  • Signature Blend (dark roast) – bold & chocolatey
  • Crema (dark roast) – silky & chocolatey
  • Crema Velvet (dark roast) – velvety aroma
  • Crema Intense (dark roast) – dark & intense
Costa goods 500-1000g 2023

Whole bean coffee



If you desire maximum taste and flavor – and who wouldn’t want that? -, grab a bag of our sophisticatedly and professionally roasted whole coffees.

Our whole coffees come in 1 kg and 500g packs.

Available flavors:

  • Signature Blend (medium roast) – mellow and nutty
  • Signature Blend (dark roast) – bold & chocolatey
  • Crema (dark roast) - silky & chocolatey
Costa goods CAPSULE 2023

Nespresso® compatible capsules



Nespresso® machine compatible coffee capsules: Although they are small, they hide strong flavors. Just put one into your coffee machine and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee!

Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. Costa Limited is not associated with Societé des Produits Nestlé S.A. and neither that company nor any of its affiliates has manufactured or endorsed this product in anyway.

Available flavors:

  • Signature Blend Espresso – smooth & nutty
  • Signature Blend Lungo – smooth & nutty, for the long coffee lovers
  • The Colombian Roast Espresso – rich & caramelly
  • The Bright Blend Espresso – enriched with honey
  • The Honduran Roast Espresso - orange & chocolate notes
  • The Lively Blend Ristretto – strong & almondy
  • Decaf Blend - mild & decaf