Costa Coffee ensures a long-lasting aroma with valved soft packaging


Costa Coffee ensures a long-lasting aroma with valved soft packaging

Why did Costa – which specialized in making premium coffee – choose soft packaging with an aroma-sealing valve, instead of vacuum packaging? Before answering this question, we would like to introduce you to the different coffee packaging methods.

Due to the chemical reactions caused by coffee roasting, a large amount of carbon dioxide releases in the air during the process. Carbon dioxide emissions can last for weeks when it comes to coffee beans. That is the reason why we only see coffee beans in soft packages equipped with aroma-sealing valves on shops’ shelves. This method makes it possible to package the coffee right after roasting, avoiding the loss of aroma caused by oxidation.

When it comes to ground coffee, manufacturers face a big challenge, considering that households usually buy large amounts of it, which makes the storage and delivery process quite difficult. In case of this product type, the brick-shaped vacuum packaging is the ideal choice for space utilization. However, keeping the premium coffee’s freshness and its aromas are also important. In order to distribute the high quality ground coffee in vacuum packaging, you need to let it rest after the grinding. This way you can minimize the intense carbon dioxide emission, so the vacuum packaging won’t inflate. The disadvantage of this method is that during resting time – which can be up to two days depending on the type – not only carbon dioxide leaves the coffee, but aromas too. When the coffee’s oxidation starts, an additional sum of aromas evaporates.

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Costa’s aroma-sealing valve is doing everything for a high-quality ground coffee


The premium coffee producer Costa will not compromise when it comes to high quality!  Their soft package with aroma-sealing valves makes it possible to package ground coffee immediately after roasting and making sure that the degassing – the releasing of carbon dioxide – happens when the beans doesn’t contact with oxygen. Another important aspect of this packaging is environmental awareness. The vacuum packaging technology requires a large amount of plastic, because this is the only way to prevent oxygen from getting inside the package. To avoid harming the environment, Costa not only makes sure that coffee beans come from a certified source, but also uses only Rainforest Alliance Certified materials in its packaging.


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