Food safety policy


Our objectives are focused on manufacturing our products while fully satisfying food safety considerations. We are committed to good manufacturing and hygienic practices and continuously developing corporate quality management culture in a direction where food safety is truly paramount at all levels of product manufacturing.

During the processing, storage and transportation of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, concentrates non-carbonated juice drinks, juices, natural mineral water and PET preforms and one-way bottles we comply with relevant regulations, as well as requirements by customers and owners, thereby supplying our consumers with safe products that satisfy consumer expectations at the highest level.

We strive to achieve our prevailing quality objectives by continuously developing the commitment of our employees to food safety and quality, our business processes and our food safety system.

As part of our quality objectives we also specify food safety goals in order to minimise consumer, customer and official comments regarding food safety by meeting said goals.

In order to meet our food safety objectives we operate efficient communication processes in cooperation with external and internal stakeholders of the company.

We operate our Food Safety System as an integrated component of the Quality Management System.

Food safety policy