Environmental Policy


The management of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. wishes to strike a balance between achieving its business goals and protecting the environment. It has therefore committed itself to the introduction and maintenance of reliable provisions, and efficient control mechanisms that take into account environmental considerations.

Our goal is to provide partners and consumers with quality products and services in a secure and environmentally friendly way. We have decided to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities. We wish to achieve this goal through the use of a management system that focuses on our environment, as well as via the implementation of principles ensuring the ongoing development of said system.

It is our conviction that all employees of CCB and all individuals in contact with our Company play an important role in achieving our environmental goals.

In order to achieve these goals we hereby commit ourselves to observing the following principles:

  • Conducting operations in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and applying the Corporate’s high internal environmental standards and other environmental standards determined by the management of the company..
  • Implementing and certifying the internationally recognised environmental management system, ISO 14001 in all operations and to ensure accountability and continuous improvement.
  • A commitment to protect the environment and the prevention of pollution is a task and responsibility of all managers and employees of our Company.
  • We regularly examine the environmental impact of our business activities in relation to the manufacturing of our products, and the operation of our sites.
  • We continuously monitor major environmental factors of our activities, and strive to reduce adverse environmental impact as conditions permit.
  • Our environmental policy is put into practice by setting and implementing environmental goals and programs, with an emphasis being on the economic use of resources (water, energy, packaging materials, and other raw materials).
  • We are committed to protecting the climate by using new way of energy and by reducing coolant emission.
  • We continuously monitor our environmental performance indicators (the use of water and energy, the amount of waste produced, and waste recycled). We seek new methods to ensure continuous development.
  • We strive to reduce the amount of hazardous materials used and/or to substitute these with less hazardous ones.
  • We ensure the operation of a selective waste recycling system at our sites and in the course of external events organized by us. We aim to recycle an increasing proportion of waste produced, and to have as little impact on our environment through waste as possible.
  • We familiarize our colleagues with the environmental policy of our Company, goals of the environmental management system, as well as methods for their implementation. We provide all employees with the necessary training and orientation for making an environmental approach a part of their daily activities.
  • We present, and make available our environmental policy to our colleagues, relevant authorities, and our partners.
  • Through the implementation of our environmental goals we strive to maintain a healthy cooperation with the public, our partners, local governments, and the authorities.
  • We present our results achieved in the annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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