World without waste

By 2025, we will have decreased the environmental footprint of our plastic bottles significantly so that we can all live in a World Without Waste.

The Coca‑Cola Company has announced a new global strategy within the framework of its World Without Waste program and published new commitments to decreasing the amount of packaging waste. Among many others, Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has joined the program and we pledged to develop sustainable packaging solutions and waste management methods to decrease the environmental impact of our products. Along with The Coca‑Cola Company, we consider a high priority and support with various means the reduction of packaging waste and their recycling in as large a proportion as possible.

Lighter and more environmentally friendly bottles

Our PET bottles are 100% recyclable and – due to developments of the last few years – 15 percent less plastic is needed to produce one bottle than it was in 2010. In addition to these, we constantly increase the amount of recycled plastic used for beverage packaging which today amounts to 20 percent proportion on average. According to the sustainability strategy of our company, the weight of bottles will have been decreased by 20 percent by 2020 as compared to the average bottle weight in 2010. Besides, we also want to double the quantity of recycled plastic used in production: according to plans, this proportion will grow to 40 percent by 2020 from the current 20 percent.

Innovative packaging design

We start decreasing waste stemming from product packaging at the phase of packaging design. We put a high emphasis on innovation and quality as a result of which today 15 percent less plastic is needed to produce one bottle than it was in 2010.

Weight of NaturAqua mineral waters and half-litre soft drinks bottles decreased in 2018, so the quantity of plastic we need had decreased by a total of 4 percent. Besides decreasing the weight of bottles, we also held back waste production significantly by decreasing the size and weight of bottlecaps and shortening bottle necks.

Lighter aluminum cans

From 2020 we reduce the weight of our aluminum cans by 13%. The canned beverages manufactured in Hungary and marketed in 19 countries will see a reduction in aluminum use amounting to 170 tons a year, effective 2020, greatly reducing the environmental strain of production and delivery, thus, the overall ecological footprint of our company. We also made headway last year in replacing the shrink-wrap used in our pallets, leading to a reduction of 43 tons in packaging materials this year.  The lighter aluminum cans and the less shrink-wrap will mean an annual 210-ton reduction in the weight of deliveries.