I love Duna – We are serious about water

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In line with our sustainability targets, preservation of the Danube, water habitats and water quality has been at the heart of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary in the past decade.
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I love Duna campaign, launched in 2015, aims to leverage the life of the Danube beaches. As part of the programme, CCHBC Hungary has provided financial support for the regular water quality tests, in cooperation with ÁNTSZ, in the participating cities; Szentendre, Dunabogdány, Kisoroszi, Leányfalu, Pócsmegyer, Zebegény, Szigetmonostor and Tahitótfalu.    

Responsible water stewardship, and the protection of Danube, is highly important for the company on the international level as well thus the company has supported the preservation of the river with more than HUF 150 million. For us, as a leading soft drink producer, clean and good quality water is essential. 

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An associate of ÁNTSZ is testing water quality in Szentendre

Parthership for Dunube

Since the 1994 establishment of the Danube River Protection Convention, protection of the river flowing through 10 countries became and international priority and Danube-day, held on 29th June every year, is to remind us to this important issue.

The Coca‑Cola Company and Coca‑Cola HBC has signed a partnership agreement with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) in 2005. The soft drink producer committed itself to take active part in the Danube-day celebrations, and to help protecting and preserving water habitats in cooperation with NGOs. As a result, the company has supported saving “Szabadság-island” at Mohács with HUF 150 million between 2008 and 2013. As the third pillar of the cooperation, a comprehensive educational toolkit (“Danube database”) has been created for schools, used in Germany, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria.

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