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Our company is committed to seek innovative opportunities that enable us to operate in a more sustainable manner. Our NaturAqua mineral water bottling plant in Zalaszentgrót is an excellent example, proving that even such high performing plants can be operated sustainably, using renewable resources.

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Heat pumps in Zalaszentgrót

How did we achieve this? The high temperature of the well-water available enables us to use four heat pumps in the plant. The geothermic energy generated is used for heating the water of adjacent thermal bath, heating the plant itself, pre-heating social and technological water, and to cool compressors and injection moulding machines. Thanks to the geothermic energy generated by the heat pumps, we have saved several hundred thousand cubic metres of natural gas.

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We also think green when it comes to electricity. Bearing sustainability in mind, the operations of our Zala plant are covered by electricity that comes form 100% renewable resources. We also do business with eco-friendly partners who hold the Guarantee of Origin certification, which is in compliance with guidelines for reducing greenhouse gases.

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The environmentally friendly source of energy could be produced by means of hydroelectricity, wind or solar energy. We are proud, that our NaturAqua mineral water bottling plant in Zalaszentgrót achieved Gold EWS certification in November 2014.

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Plant in Zalaszentgrót

The European Water Stewardship (EWS) is a voluntary integrated system for businesses to assess, verify and communicate their best practices for sustainable water management. The EWS certification serves for justifying the good practice of water management.