Hungarian Sustainability Report for 2014/15

Reports and publications

The ultimate question in business is to find out the desires and expectations of our consumers and the communities in which we operate. Fortunately these secrets can be revealed – carefully and systematically listening to our stakeholders provides the right answers to us.

Since 2015 - with the active involvement of our external and internal stakeholders - Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary annually goes through a process of identifying the issues that are most important in terms of the growth and success of our business and our ability to continue creating value. The identification of relevant and, then, material issues also helps us to better understand how stakeholders perceive our operation.

Our stakeholders have identified 12 key areas for our business (from corporate governance, quality of our products to packaging, water use or employee engagement) – these are the issues that we address and focus in our Sustainability Report.

We firmly believe that by effectively managing material issues we can ensure to meet the expectations of our stakeholders while also continuing to create value with our ever extending portfolio that offer consumers refreshment and joy.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Sustainability Report 2016