Coca-Cola Hungary's free #YouthEmpowered educational platform launches new online courses on taxes

Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered educational platform is expanding its pool of free online courses by sharing new learning materials on taxes and taxation. The educational modules, compiled by expert partners of the programme, help registered users in four major topics: in addition to a general introduction to basic concepts of taxes, users can learn more about the main forms of taxation of individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as about Hungarian online taxation and its platforms.

These free educational modules of the #YouthEmpowered programme - basic tax concepts, personal taxation, taxation of businesses and online taxation - guide users through the basic concepts of taxes in general, illustrated with examples of the main rules and forms of personal taxation and the taxation of businesses. The courses cover the tax benefits currently available to Hungarians and provide practical help with online taxation as well. After a free registration, users can learn about the concepts of tax deductions and exemptions, taxable amounts, and the bases of taxes, or how to calculate the public charges on wages and the tax base reliefs available for the personal income tax, the model calculation of the personal income tax for entrepreneurs and the conditions for flat-rate taxation, among others, with the help of clear examples. The modules and the examples illustrating the applicable rules can provide up-to-date help whether preparing a tax declaration or starting a business.

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Since 2018, Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered educational platform has been providing users with learning materials mainly related to self-awareness and skills development. However, the range has now expanded considerably: in addition to self-awareness, time management, project management and business planning, the online modules now include legal and financial modules, and in 2022, a free module on food waste prevention was added to the selection of free learning materials. The aim of the online platform is to help as many users as possible to gain the knowledge they need to succeed in the world of work, whether as employees or entrepreneurs. This includes four new modules on taxation that have recently become available, providing users with particularly useful and practical information. The success of the platform is demonstrated by the fact that registered users on the website have completed more than 5,000 training sessions to date.

B&T Tax Solutions Tax Consulting Ltd. experts were partners of #YouthEmpowered programme in compiling the master materials just published.

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