Hungary is on the doorstep of circular economy: a new educational module developed by Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered platform is now available

A new educational module has been published on Coca-Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered platform with which the company wants to shape the public’s perception on and understanding of circular economy. Continuing the series that started with the "How to prevent food waste" module, the curriculum, which introduces the basics of the circular economy, guides users through the challenges the world's economies facing, highlights the main differences between the linear and circular economies, addresses the problems of packaging waste and illustrates good practices with clear international and local examples. The new module has been developed by the University of Pannonia in Nagykanizsa - University Centre for Circular Economy for the #YouthEmpowered program.

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges today's consumer society facing: individual overconsumption leads to global overproduction, which, coupled with population growth, creates the biggest problems we face today. We use a lot of materials in production and in consumption, most of the products are not used locally, and therefore the need for transportation and packaging increases significantly. In many cases, local products are squeezed out of markets, and a large proportion of people buy their products from large multinational supermarkets.

The solution to this global problem is the circular economy, which is based on a complete overhaul of material and energy flows, more conscious product design and production methods than ever before, and the conscious use of products on every level. It is a complex set of methods and processes capable of recycling as many by-products and waste generated in production and consumption processes as possible. In Hungary, preparations for the transition to a circular economy are well under way: the gradual extension of selective waste collection, the development of a collection system, the increasing use of renewable energy are all part of this process. Understanding the circular economy model, learning its principles and applying them widely is the key to a long-term economic and social survival.

Coca-Cola Hungary is committed to sustainability and conscious consumption, therefore, after the current introductory material, the company plans to develop more online learning materials on the subject of circular economy in collaboration with the University of Pannonnia in Nagykanizsa - University Centre for Circular Economy, thus contributing to the #YouthEmpowered platform and shaping its users and with it the younger generation's overall attitude.

Since 2018, Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered educational platform has been providing users with learning materials mainly related to self-awareness and skills development. However, the range has now expanded considerably: in addition to self-awareness, time management, project management and business planning, the online modules now include legal, financial and tax-related learning materials. In 2022, a „food waste prevention” module was also added to the free range of learning materials. This is continued with the new module just being published.

Between 29 September and 30 November, the program will also offer a prize draw to encourage registered users to learn new and useful skills. Those who complete at least three of the free educational modules during this period will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad 9 tablet or a 30-day teacher-free online English language course.

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