Fully accessible learning is now available on Coca-Cola Hungary's free #YouthEmpowered educational platform for the visually and hearing impaired, for people living with reduced mobility and for people living with autism

The website of Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered programme has been renewed and can now be used comfortably and without external assistance by people with hearing and visual impairments, people who use eye-movement tracking tech and people living with autism. Jamba Foundation, a provider of training and career development opportunities for people living with disabilities, was the program’s partner in the multi-stage development of the website.

People living with disabilities and chronic diseases make up 15% of the world's population. According to the latest KSH Labour Market Survey in 2015, there are 680,713 people of working age (19-64) living with a disability in Hungary, which is 11.3% of the total working age population.  

Coca-Cola Hungary's #YouthEmpowered programme, launched in 2017 supports young people in finding their way on the labour market, aiming primarily to help young people aged 16-35. The programme supports participants in job search, career choice, career change or business start-up by providing free learning materials and small group personal workshops. Over the years, the target groups of the programme have steadily expanded: since 2021, its priority is to help people living with disabilities into employment. A prerequisite for this is that the necessary skills are easily accessible to them.

The related web development has been preceded by several months of preparation and testing in several stages. During the process, it was a priority to ensure that the accessible website would provide the same content as the original and that the user experience would not be compromised. The accessible version uses solutions that allow the hearing and visually impaired to access the content easily. Also, it has been prepared for the usage of eye-movement tracking tech, while it was also edited not to be disturbing for people living with autism in any way, so that anyone can use the website independently and without assistance, whether on a mobile phone or desktop device. Among other things, the contrast of the site can be adjusted to help people living with autism, all videos are captioned, the site can be used with a reader, and the spacing of the buttons is optimised for people living with visual impairments.

From identifying the improvements needed to testing them, the Jamba Foundation has been a partner of the programme, which is also a dedicated educational partner of the #YouthEmpowered programme since spring 2021. The solutions developed have been tested continuously by one person living with hearing impairment, one person living with visual impairment, andd one person living with autism. Based on their feedback, the final version was developed in several stages, preserving the user experience of the original site for people living with disabilities, while maintaining the same content for everyone.

The site is available here: