Coca-Cola HBC Hungary switches to an environmentally friendly fleet

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary is modernising its fleet and switching to low or zero-carbon vehicles as part of its "Green Fleet" program to achieve Coca-Cola HBC Group's Net Zero 2040 target.

The company purchased the first self-charging and plug-in hybrid electric cars in 2019 and, due to the positive experiences, will purchase almost only low-emission, predominantly alternative fueled, partially or fully electric and gas-powered cars from this year onwards. In the first phase of the greening of the fleet, more than 50 self-charging hybrid electric Toyotas will be put into service.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary is replacing 179 cars of its current fleet of 504 with hybrid electric or gasoline (LPG) cars this year. Now 52 new hybrid Toyotas – 42 Corollas and 10 RAV4s – have arrived, significantly reducing the company fleet’s CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Toyota have led the way in the development of partially or fully electric cars for a quarter of a century, and the company’s latest, fourth-generation self-charging hybrid electric cars enable up to 50-80% electric, zero-emission, and zero-consumption urban transport. 

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary aims to decrease its vehicle emissions by 53 percent by 2030 compared to 2017 levels. To reach this goal, the company is reducing the number of cars in its fleet, and at the same time, constantly increasing the use of alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to hybrid electric and LPG fuel, they plan to include battery electric cars in the company's fleet from 2023, and Coca-Cola HBC Hungary aims to stop purchasing any petrol or diesel cars as of 2025.

Modernising the car fleet and reducing emissions will help the company to minimise the environmental impact of its own operations. Improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, responsible water management, recycling and reusing packaging waste all contribute to a more sustainable environment. It is a recognition of Coca-Cola HBC's sustainability efforts, that the company was ranked number one in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) of global beverage companies in 2021.