Our common goal is a more sustainable world – 2020 Sustainability Report of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary is available

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic has posed numerous challenges, but the ambitious goals linked to our sustainable business operations remained stable. Similarly to previous years, in the 2020 Sustainability Report we report on our performance and goals.

We have been reporting on our sustainability performance and progress every year since 2008. Since 2016, our Sustainability Report has been prepared on an annual reporting cycle, following the "Core" application level of the GRI Standards, the most widely used international reporting framework.

The year 2020 was an unprecedented one for all of us. We were forced to confront a virtually unknown situation and react to it as soon as possible to protect our employees and provide uninterrupted service to our customers. As a responsible company, we implemented careful measures from the very first moment, to be able to ensure those things. The agility and sense of responsibility integral to our corporate culture have allowed us to adapt to the situation caused by COVID-19: protecting our employees, supporting the most affected social actors, and maintaining our position as the leading beverage manufacturer in Hungary, while creating value for our stakeholders.

We are proud that we were able to build resilience during the year. Among our initiatives, we provided support to the heroic work of the Hungarian Red Cross. Our supporting initiatives have received several awards throughout the year, which highlighted the need for deep interactions between our business and stakeholders. At the beginning of April, Coca‑Cola Hungary offered its advertising platforms and social media channels to the Hungarian Red Cross as part of the ‘Ad to aid’ campaign. The campaign helped to reach as many people as possible with important public service messages about self-isolation, health protection, blood donation, and charity. Beyond that, on a full-time basis, five regional representatives of our company helped the Hungarian Red Cross during the summer period.

In 2020, we invested more than HUF 300 million to expand our mineral water bottling capacity at our plant in Zalaszentgrót. The investment was completed at the end of 2020, which not only increased our bottling capacity but also contributed to more economic and flexible operations, alongside strengthening our sustainability goals.
We are constantly working on our additional plans toward sustainability, such as the collection of packaging materials, higher rates of recycled plastics, use of renewable energy sources, emissions reduction, and more efficient water management, in order to achieve our 2025 goals.

We have expanded the range of products from sustainable sources, introducing numerous new Costa Coffee products to support at-home, at-work or on-the-go consumption.

Over the course of the year, we placed special focus on water management and preservation, which is one of our business priorities. In light of that, Coca-Cola has also signed a joint declaration on water preservation.

Our efforts, in line with our ‘World Without Waste’ strategy and our ‘#YouthEmpowered’ programme, have continued and been recognised domestically and internationally throughout the year. We are proud to have been at the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Rankings (DJSI) in 2020 among beverage companies around the world.

Our Sustainability Report gives a comprehensive picture of our company's activities and achievements so far, which we strive to improve together in the coming years. 

Sustainability Report for 2020