#YouthEmpowered launched a video series to help studying from home

Our #YouthEmpowered program, which aims to help young people to find their way on the labour market, has just launched a 13-episode video series focusing on online learning. While the program’s in-person trainings are currently on hold due to the epidemic, the program is now encouraging participants to register to the free online #YouthEmpowered trainings. In the video series Dr. Erika Sinkó, the program’s professional coordinator is now giving us a behind the scenes view on online modules and explains why it is important to learn new skills even in times of a pandemic.

Although the current situation puts in-person trainings on hold, the program’s online modules are partially overlapping and partially complementing the in-person trainings and are available for anyone who previously couldn’t join the training sessions because of the distance or lack of time. The recently launched video series aims to help them and those who are currently working or studying from home.

The biggest advantage of our online trainings is that these can be joined anywhere, anytime, and can be completed at one’s own pace – which is exactly why these are able to help people to study from home even during these times. Our online trainings are popular all year round, but this time our aim was to reach those who would have joined our in-person trainings, and to explain why we believe that these trainings are also worth completing. We have shot this series from our home offices, with the help of video conferences and phone calls, and we hope the videos will prove that it is possible to try out new things and develop our skills even from our homes, even during a pandemic.

dr. Erika Sinkó #YouthEmpowered’s professional coordinator

The first episode of the series was published last week on #YouthEmpowered’s Facebook and Instagram pages, while the remaining episodes will be published on a weekly basis on #YouthEmpowered’s platforms. The current number of viewers prove the success of the idea – and we hope it will inspire more people to learn and develop new skills online!

To find out more about the program and see the videos, please visit: