Coca‑Cola is among the signatories of the common declaration for the protection of water

Water is the key to our survival. It has never been more important to protect the freshwaters of Europe, as 60% of European rivers, lakes and moorlands are not adequate anymore to supply water and serve nature in a sufficient qualilty.

Last Summer, the great European drought reminded us of the vulnerability of our ecosystem, of how fragile our food supply and economy are because of climate change and of how this influences our water supplies.

As the biggest drink producer of the world, Coca‑Cola has recognized the importance of protecting our freshwater supplies – for humanity, nature and industry alike. That is why the protection of water is one of our business priorities. We are working on this problem in Europe with NGOs, government organizations and local municipalities. These cooperations enable us to use water as efficiently as possible, to put an end to wasting water and to send one and a half times as much water back to nature as the amount used during our production activities.

Coca‑Cola and WWF have a joint program to enliven the floodplains and moorlands of the Danube, as well as to increase the water flows of the Danube significantly, with an amount corresponding to 4800 Olympic swimming pools. Besides, by the end of 2020 we are going to restore moorlands equalling 7422 football fields to the original condition, as these areas play an essential part in cleaning water.

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Coca‑Cola Hungary is also active in cleaning our second longest river, the Tisza. The work started in the Summer of 2019, with the joint participation of water management authorities and NGOs. The Zero Waste Tisza Program is supported by The Coca‑Cola Foundation with 73 million forints and focuses on plastic waste in the river and on the elimination of waste accumulations on the floodplain. The two-year Zero Waste Tisza program cooperates with the Plastic Cup: the main objective is to collect and recycle at least 80 tons of waste during this period. So far, the company has collected more than 10 thousand tons of waste in cooperation with the General Directorate of Water Management and the Plastic Cup. Beyond financial support, Coca‑Cola Hungary also organized three volunteer days with its employees, with the participation of a total of 170 colleagues.

We believe that we must turn to the European Commission to draw their attention to the European problem of water: that is why Coca‑Cola and its two biggest European bottlers support 375 thousand European citizens and join 16 other big companies in signing a joint business declaration asking the European Union to keep the framework directives on Water Management and Water Environmental Management of the European Union in their current form. This regulation is essential for the protection of the waters of Europe.


The signatories of the joint declaration are as follows:
Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux
Coca‑Cola European Partners
Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
Dupont Water Solutions
European Fishing Tackle Trade Association
European Outdoor Conservation Association
H&M Group
NRS Europe
NVP Energy Solutions
WAKEcup Global
Water Europe