Look at the cap, recycle the bottle!

Coca‑Cola Hungary is fully on board with recycling as many soft drink bottles as possible and the government's efforts to support this drive. We are fully aware that the inadequate management of plastic waste presents a serious environmental problem, and we want to be part of the solution. We are convinced that the collection and recycling of packaging materials is the best and most sustainable cycle in managing packaging waste.

As such, we will shortly launch a national awareness-raising campaign to promote recycling, which will feature new bottle caps on all our products. Instead of the brand logos, the caps will feature slogans encouraging customers to recycle their soft-drink bottles.

coca-cola-kupak-hasznosítsd-újra coca-cola-kupak-hasznosítsd-újra

We are also putting our money where our mouth is: our plastic bottles are already made from plastic that is 100% recyclable. Every year, we are increasing the percentage of recycled plastic used in the production of our bottles. This is currently 24%, which will rise to 50% by 2030. We are also constantly reducing the amount of plastic that we use. In the past years, the drop was 15%, this year, we will require 4% less plastic for our bottling.