Two Coca‑Cola Hungary programs won international awards

Two social responsibility programs of Coca‑Cola Hungary won the international Communitas Awards this year: the Zero Waste Tisza River program, launched to clean the Tisza and its surroundings, and #YouthEmpowered, helping young people find work on the labor market. Each year, the Communitas Award is given to corporate initiatives where NGOs and public organs join hands to achieve results in treating certain social phenomena.
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A program for the environment

In the Summer of 2019, Coca‑Cola Hungary comitted to clean the Tisza, the second longest river in Hungary partnering with the water management directorate and an NGO. The Zero Waste Tisza program, supported by The Coca‑Cola Foundation with HUF 73 million, focuses on removing plastic pollution from the river and accumulated garbage from the floodplain; this is also supported by volunteer actions of Coca‑Cola Hungary.

The main objective of the two-year Zero Waste Tisza River program is to collect and recycle at least 80 tons of waste with the Plastic Cup. So far, the company has collected more than 10 thousand tons of waste with the General Directorate of Water Management and the Plastic Cup.

Beyond financial support, Coca‑Cola Hungary also organized three volunteer days with the participation of 170 colleagues in total. Besides the great waste collection actions in the summer, the volunteers – coordinated by the Plastic Cup – cleaned especially polluted, environmentally important areas, such as Natura 2000 forests.

The program that reached a wide audience in the Hungarian press also merited an award according to the jury of Communitas Awards.

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A program for young people

The company launched the #YouthEmpowered program in 2017. Its objective is to help NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people find a place on the labor market through free online and personal trainings. The program helps young people in self-awareness, capacity development, networking and practical knowledge like writing CVs and preparing for job interviews.

The number of target groups and thus civil society and educational partners is ever increasing since the start of the program: Coca‑Cola Hungary now organizes trainings for young mothers, young women, disadvantaged youth, people with a fresh degree and an entrepreneurial spirit, people with disablities, as well as for disadvantaged young parents, thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. In recent years, #YouthEmpowered mobilized more than 7000 participants, a professional community with 20 qualified trainers and 5 different NGOs and educational centers. It won the Effekt 2030 award last Autumn, and its wide social results were acknowledged this year by the international jury of the Communitas Awards.

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