Bogi Dallos: The real coffee experience comes from a sustainable source

Bogi Dallos fell in love with coffee relatively late, when she was 21 years old. After the initial acquaintances, she moved towards quality and coffee experience. Nowadays, she is reluctant to buy packaged coffee from the shelf if she is not sure whether it has been grown in a sustainable way and with the interests of local farmers in mind.

The Fonogram - Hungarian Music Awards – winning singer considers herself a conscious person who fights for her truth, stands up for her opinion and for important issues as well. In addition to current affairs, health awareness and environmental protection also play a significant role in her life. That’s exactly why it matters to her what kind of coffee she starts her morning at home with.


I fell in love with coffee relatively late, when I was around 21 years old – today I drink it without any sweetening. My favourite is latte made from rice milk, I brew the coffee with my moka pot”, Bogi Dallos said. “Besides the taste, the seance being next to a cup of coffee, it is also very important to me what values ​​the brand itself represents, and how important sustainability is for them. That's why I was happy to learn that Costa Coffee will be available in Hungary from May, as environmental protection is especially important for this brand.

Bogi Dallos Singer

She was among the firsts being able to taste the premium quality coffee: "Costa captivated me right at the first personal meeting, and I was convinced by its unique flavours and its efforts for environmental protection, so I eagerly said yes to collaborating with the brand."

It is crucial to Bogi that the coffee in her cup comes from a 100% sustainable source. “Farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance, where Costa’s coffee is grown, are better and safer workplaces. People working on large plantations are very vulnerable and often exploited, so such certified farms protect thousands of workers”, Bogi Dallos said, who co-hosted the “Song 2019” Eurovision National Song Selection Show with Freddie and was a mentor in X-Factor last year.