Workout plan for working women – How to be your best self on the labour market!

Exciting and novel event helped job seeking and working women at Loffice on November 14th.

Highlighting the importance of women’s economic activity, Coworkid Association and Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered programme have joined forces to help more women to step up and find, get and keep their dream job. The schedule, like a dynamic day-long training programme, have helped participants with a novel approach to successfully manage tricky situations, such as workplace conflicts or job interviews. For women working in leadership positions, the training has pointed to networking platforms and professional programmes that help them to find new inspiration for their job or to further develop their skills.

But where do these special practices take anyone who follows all the very practical advices? Into the future: towards successful career plans, from job interviews to leadership positions, to economic growth and towards a healthier, more balanced labour market. Apart from Coca‑Cola Hungary’s trainers, participants of the event could learn from representatives of other successful companies as well, such as, Edison Platform, Womenspiration or SEED Association. As usual during Coworkid’s and #YouthEmpowered’s joint events, Loffice has provided professional child care on site.