The #YouthEmpowered program has won the Effekt 2030 award

Business that creates opportunities, Economy of the future, Green balance and Everyone’s society – these were the categories in which Effekteam has awarded the different environmental and social investment programs of companies. Economic operators that are committed to change and invest their capital and resources into projects, products, services or businesses that have a positive and measurable effect, and create value for both the investors and the communities involved, can aspire to take home one of the Effekt 2030 awards. This year’s winners were awarded during the Közösség. Hatás. Jövő. (Community. Effekt. Future) conference.

Effekt 2030 – The award of community investments aims to present exemplary programs of companies and their innovative initiatives, and by awarding these, to contribute to sustainability and CSR initiatives of the business and startup sector and inspire company decision makers to increase their professional and personal engagement in these territories. The three categories of the award were developed in line with the UN’s SDGs – companies can now apply in the categories of Economy of the future, Green balance and Everyone’s society. The jury then selected 3 companies from each category, altogether 12 participating in the finals.

While selecting from the projects, we have considered the aspects that are reflected in the slogan of our association as well: we have analyzed the mutuality, measurable results and innovative aspects of the projects on the dimensions of effect and future. We have selected those that have measurable, positive social and environmental impacts and are in line with the company’s business operations. The future belongs to sustainable business models, but this can only be reached with sector-wide cooperation and partnerships.

dr. Klára Molnár Director of Effekteam

The category Business that creates opportunities was won by Tesco-Global Supermarkets, for their program Food saving at Tesco. As part of the program, workers of over 170 supermarkets’ collect food that is still consumable, but no longer available for sale, to benefit the work of the Hungarian Food Bank Association, which then delivers these to those in need. So far, they have donated over 53 million portions of meals. Numil Ltd.’s Nutricia Home service, which helps over 1500 patients in treatment and their relatives with providing eteral tube nutrition, was also on the shortlist, along with Liferay Hungary’s Employee Volunteer Program, during which the company has supported the work of InDaHouse Association that helps young people break from the circle of poverty.

In the category Economy of the future, Invitech ICT Services won the award. Their smart village program helps small municipalities with digital catch-up, thus contributing to the development of the education and healthcare sector, equal chances programs, the recovery of tourism and strengthening local businesses. The finals also included K&H Group’s Start it @K&H Incubator program, which supports startup businesses and UniCredit Hungary’s Lépj velünk! (Take a step with us!) social innovation program. The latter supports initiatives that reduce the economic vulnerability of disadvantaged groups in a sustainable way.

The category of Green balance, the jury has awarded E.ON. The company’s EnergiaKaland (Energy Adventure) program aims to help teachers in broadening children’s knowledge about energy and to develop a conscious approach to using it. The project, which was developed in alliance with the relevant governmental branches, provides learning material for teachers, pupils and students between the ages of 5 to 18. SPAR’s global program, entitled Together with consumers to protect the environment, which provides energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions, was also nominated for the finals, along with Procter&Gamble’s GoGreen initiative, which aimed to educate the company’s employees about environmental protection.

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Coca‑Cola Hungary has won the category of Everyone’s society. The company’s #YouthEmpowered program helps disadvantaged young people, young parents and people living with disabilities by providing practical knowledge and motivation, in order to help them find their way on the labor market. The program’s free trainings have already involved over 6200 participants.

OTP Bank accessibility program and awareness-raising campaign was also recognized, for having equipped hundreds of their sites with „talking” ATMs and video-interpreters that help the blind and the hearing impaired with administration by offering support. Accenture Kft’s Skill2Succeed – Rajtad áll a jövőd (Your future depends on you) program, which helps disadvantaged children to cope with the challenges of everyday life, was also shortlisted.

The public vote’s winner was Tesco-Global Supermarkets, for their Food saving at Tesco program. The jury has also donated a special prize this year to OTP Bank’s accessibility developments, and for their efforts to work together closely with professionals and NGOs while executing these.

Members of the jury were: Réka Matolay, teacher of Budapest Corvinus University, Bálint Nagy, director of Pé, Agrárszektor and HelloVidék, Éda Glória Pogány, sustainable business leader of Sygenta Eastern-Europe, Gyula Szabó, president of Ökoszolgálat Hungary and Alinda Veiszer, tv and radio editor, presenter and journalist.