Google and Coca‑Cola Hungary to train young entrepreneurs

Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered initiative, which aims to increase the chances of young jobseekers on the labour market, is to join Google’s Digital Workshop trainings on 5 occasions this autumn. The goal of the Digital Workshops is to make digital facilities accessible for anyone. The two companies will work together on training young entrepreneurs during the day-long, comprehensive workshops. The free, business-focused trainings will be first organised on the 9th September in Budapest, followed by 4 other occasions in different parts of the country. The training, which is tailored to the needs of recent graduates, is free to attend for anyone, who would like to learn more about how to prevail through their own business and find out more about the digital tools that are essential for their success.

What are the tools of self-promotion? What is the secret behind successful time-management? How do today’s consumers think, and how can we reach them? How to gather information and how to build our career or enterprise on these? – some of the main questions which will be covered during autumn trainings organised together by Grow with Google and #YouthEmpowered. The two companies start their cooperation this September, and plan to organise 5 trainings this autumn, each of them will be full day long.

The aim of the international Grow with Google initiative is to help make use of the opportunities provided by the digital world, through free tools and trainings. In Hungary, the focus of the programme is on small and middle-sized businesses and their digital alignment, but the training’s portfolio is very wide and offers possibilities for students, jobseekers as well and helps them to grow.

Botond Boros Google Hungary’s head of marketing

The Digital Workshop initiative was started by Google 3 years ago in Hungary, under the auspices of Grow with Google, and over 56 thousand people have participated in the trainings already. The aim of the courses is to provide participants with practical knowledge, which helps them to use the possibilities offered by the internet to build their career and business.

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#YouthEmpowered programme aims to help young people between 18-30 through free trainings to find their way on the labour market, or to kick-start their business. Participants of the programme learn self-awareness, communication skills, but they are also guided and motivated by the programme’s professional trainers and mentors, the latter being members of the leadership team of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.

Since its beginning in 2017, over 7000 people have participated at these trainings, while target groups are constantly broadened: apart from NEET youth, trainings are organised for young mothers, disadvantaged groups, university students and people living with disabilities as well.

While adapting the #YouthEmpowered programme to Hungary, it was a key aspect for us to complete the practical aspects of the trainings with self-awareness, motivation and personal advice. Our training organised together with Grow with Google reflect on this intention, as the practical, tool- and data-based knowledge received during the morning courses will be completed with exercises that motivate the participants and help them to use their newly-acquired knowledge bravely – either in their career or while building their own business.

Dr. Erika Sinkó #YouthEmpowered programme’s professional coordinator
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Training days will be divided in two parts: in the morning, participants will learn about the phenomenon of digital transformation, as well as online presence and the importance of online orientation. The afternoon training will reflect on the morning courses, and participants will learn about self-awareness, communication and self-promotion with the help of #YouthEmpowered’s trainers. The goal here is to provide a balanced, day long training, during which practical, digital skills are completed with motivation, support and personal advice.

The first stop of the training is going to be organised in Budapest, on 9th of September, followed by trainings in Kecskemét, Szeged, Győr and Debrecen in the second half of September and early October.