Expectant mothers and moms are the entrepreneurs of the future

Vera Tóth, Boglárka Csemer and other celebrities participate at an inspirational round-table event for women, where they discuss how to prevail in the labour market.
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Moms and expectant mothers often presume that their motherhood is nothing less than a drawback for them during job application processes, while with the right motivation they would have the chance to find the right position, one that is suitable for their lifestyle, to get employed or to start their own enterprise. All these and the importance of female networking was mentioned by Vera Tóth, Boglárka Csemer, Ildikó Polgár and Nelli Krajcsó at the meet-up which was organized as a joint venture by Coca‑Cola Hungary and Coworking Foundation as part of our #youthempowered initiative.

#youthempowered programme helps job-seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs. At this very last event we have organized two round-tables and one interactive training for hundreds of participants. Celebrity guests, like Vera Tóth, Boglárka Csemer, Ildikó Polgár and Nelli Krajcsó, extensively discussed how important it is for everyone to find the right motivation, self-confidence, to know the virtues for those women, who often times fear that they will not be hired just because they bear or bore children.

Moms, who registered for the #youthempowered training, were coached by a professional on the right use of certain abilities that will help them, once these became routines, during the job application processes. Among these capabilities are self-awareness, networking, handling feedbacks, using social media and writing CVs. Moreover, they were instructed on how to prepare for job interviews or on the necessary administration tasks of managing their own ventures. Participant’s small children were expected at the playground of the venue, allowing the participating moms to fully engage in the programme and to learn about necessary steps in order to start a new business.

Participants were also inspired by the stories of the guests participating at the round-table event organised before the training. The discussion was moderated by Nóra Winkler, while Vera Tóth, Boggie, Rómeó Szentgyörgyi, Zsófi Mihályfi, Anita Csorba, Zsuzsa Kecsmár and Flóra Németh have shared their stories, allowing the participants to ask questions as well.

Wednesday’s meet-up was the first of this year’s #youthempowered events organized in cooperation with Coworkid Foundation. Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #youthempowered programme started to focus on the new target group of expectant moms and mothers since end of 2018. At these unique, day-long meet-ups of Coworkid Foundation free, personalized and inspirational trainings and round-table events are organised, in order to help participants to recognize their hidden resources, and to utilize these on the labour market. However, the programme also gives them a platform to develop their personal and professional network and to share their own experiences and to motivate each other.

#youtempowered and Coworkid will keep on organizing these free events year-round for young women and moms. This semester’s next meet-up and training will take place in early June. The online #youthempowered trainings are partially aligned but also partially completing these personal events, therefore they are more readily available for expectant mothers, and moms alike at: