Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program to expand

Budapest, March 19, 2019 - Coca‑Cola Hungary’s #YouthEmpowered program is expanding to new training locations and to more participants. The initiative’s objective is to enhance the chances of young people between the age 18-30 in the labor market. In 2019, the program continues with the cooperation of Coca‑Cola HBC and the Hungarian subsidiary of The Coca‑Cola Company, focusing on trainings for young women and disadvantaged groups as well.

young people participated in the free trainings in the past one and a half year


participants is the goal by 2020

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary launched its #YouthEmpowered program in autumn 2017, which aims to enhance the labor market chances of young people between the age of 18-30. Until 2020, the program provides free personal and online trainings for young job-seekers, who are currently not in employment nor in education. The personal trainings are about self-knowledge, job interview situations, and feedback management, but the goal is also to help young people to build a social network that will facilitate their job market positioning. The e-learning material, which is partly overlapping and partly complementing the one-day trainings is freely accessible on as well, and it has the advantage of being completely flexible and customizable. Participants registering on the program’s site can also ask for personal guidance from the mentors, Coca‑Cola Hungary's senior employees in managerial positions, who participate in the briefing of the applicants online.

“During our trainings we have realized that lifelong learning and self-education is becoming more and more important. In addition to young people, we can also help expectant mothers, mothers with small children, people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups through our online trainings and involving our mentors. Alongside the participants’ commitment and motivation, our personal trainings focus on providing practical help in taking the first steps and finding the right way” – said Orsolya Nyilas, External Communications Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.

“The mission of Coca‑Cola Company is to bring something fresh into the world, inspire optimistic and cheerful moments, create real values, and to have a positive effect on the world and its direct environment. Our corporate group’s goal is to significantly improve the lives of local communities in three priority areas. One of the areas is environment protection; we are working for a World Without Waste by replacing the water used for manufacturing our products and reducing packaging waste. We are globally committed to creating opportunities; we put emphasis on educating the youth and supporting, sponsoring cultural and art programs. Finally, we support women’s economic empowerment, from helping non-profit artisan micro-enterprises to presenting the success and career of female top managers. The #YouthEmpowered program is built on our previous regional efforts, so it is with great pleasure to take part in this extension” – said Judit Szűcs, Head of Corporate Relations and Communications at Coca‑Cola Hungary.

Recently, nearly 1300 job-seekers have participated in the free one-day trainings in Budapest and in the countryside. This year, the company is working together with Diverzitás Központ, which has outstanding experience in the training of disadvantaged people. The first training of the semester was held in the beginning of March, in Versend, Baranya County. Trainings for young women will be organized in cooperation with Coworkid Foundation. The cooperation was launched on Women’s Day, with the introduction of a short video, entitled “The Future belong to Heroines”. This year’s plan is to involve more partners in the program.


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