Coca‑Cola Hungary has hosted Girls’ Day for the first time

„What is the role of a microbiologist?”, „Where do new flavours come from?” and „What does an IT leader do?” – just a few of the most interesting questions asked by those 30 high school students, who have visited us on 30th April on the occasion of Girls’ Day. The open day connects the best universities, companies and research institutes of the country, aiming to inspire young girls by proving them that girls and women can also have exciting carriers in STEM fields as well.
lanyoknapja2019_cocacola6_zelleib lanyoknapja2019_cocacola6_zelleib

Although our company has joined Girls’ Day for the first time this year, the programme proved to be extremely popular, as available places have been occupied quickly. The half-day long programme kicked off with the greeting and presentation of our HR director, Oltea Alexandra Ceraceanu and our External Communication Manager, Orsolya Nyilas. They have encouraged the participants to listen to their instincts and be brave enough to choose a carrier which was previously considered less feminine by the society.

lanyoknapja2019_cocacola2_zelleiboglarka lanyoknapja2019_cocacola2_zelleiboglarka

The participating girls could learn about the history of Coca‑Cola and our company, and also about our #YouthEmpowered programme. After which we have separated them in three groups and have guided them through different production and operational fields, which are usually male dominated. However, on this occasion, women working in leading position of these fields have shared their experiences with the girls, and told them about the interesting aspects of their profession as well. While Dóra Kiss has guided one group of the participants through the production line, Klaudia Sackl Kasnyáné has proved that IT can also be a colourful and creative field, and Judit Belovai has prepared a flavour identifying test for the girls. They have listened to Judit’s story about the importance of food safety, while tasting the latest flavours of our soft drinks.  

lanyoknapja2019_cocacola_zelleiboglarka lanyoknapja2019_cocacola_zelleiboglarka