#YouthEmpowered has moved to the web

Free personalized online training!

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has published an e-learning curriculum as a supplement for the training of the #YouthEmpowered program. The online training is free, customisable, and the company's staff also provide personal counselling to participants who need it.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary has published a free supplementary curriculum for the #YouthEmpowered program on its website. This complements as well as covers parts of the previously announced and already ongoing trainings. The ten-module e-learning package of the #YouthEmpowered program is distinguished from similar programs by the fact that it has an offline service: its participants may even request personal counselling from program mentors, who are senior employees of Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary.

The web-based training is flexible, and one can freely browse between modules so the learning process can be customized. It is worth starting the training with a self-knowledge test, as this can provide valuable feedback on how the job seeker needs to improve. The modules include a financial course, sales skills, business planning and fundamentals of project management - subjects that normally could not be included in a one-day training, due to the shortage of time. Anyone, who during or after the completion of the modules becomes motivated to take part in the offline training program can apply to one of them on the website.

In addition to young job-seekers, we recommend the online training especially for women on maternity leave, since it can be done from home, interrupted several times, but we also recommend it to young people with the know-how and marketable idea who can easily get advice on starting their own business here.

Valentin Tóth Director of Corporate Relations and Communications, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

The purpose of extending the original initiative in this direction is clearly to promote the job-seeking opportunities of young people in all walks of life.

Coca‑Cola HBC Hungary launched the #YouthEmpowered program last autumn for young people between the ages of 18 and 30. Participants are taught self-knowledge as well as the ability to handle job interview and feedbacks on the training offered by the company, but it also aims to build a network of contacts that they can utilize in job-seeking. To date, more than 700 jobseekers have taken part in the free one-day training sessions in Budapest and the countryside, by 2020 Coca-Cola HBC plans to include a total of 8000 young people in the program.