Coca-Cola launches a new limited-edition drink called Coca-Cola Movement

As a part of the global campaign, Coca-Cola is launching its boldest and edgiest Coca-Cola Creations flavor in Hungary too. The campaign was created in collaboration with Spanish music star Rosalía and the new drink, Coca-Cola Movement, is available in Hungary from early February.

The first Coca-Cola Creations campaign of the year encourages self-expression and experimenting with our boundaries and brings the power of music to life. Breaking boundaries across genres, industries, and identities, Rosalía and her music are a perfect match for Coca-Cola Movement. The new drink takes the familiar taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s taste to a whole new level.

“Transformation as a means of self-expression is powerful and resonant for today’s generation, and music is the universal language for transformation” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company. “Partnering with the inspirational and genre-defying Rosalía to bring to life our latest drop under Coca-Cola Creations has been a blast and has broken new ground for Coca-Cola Creations. We hope our collective fans will love this drink!”

The new Creations flavor comes in unique packaging. What makes the cans special is that the doodles on them were hand drawn by Rosalía herself. The vibrant colors of the packaging intend to display the singer's personality, while the drawings capture the ability to evolve.

The collaboration with Coca-Cola inspired Rosalía's new single LLYLM. Released worldwide by Columbia Records on 27 January, the song is groundbreaking in several ways: it is the first of the singer's compositions to feature multiple languages, with entire verses written in English, and it’s the first song written specifically for Coca-Cola Creations. It is also the background music for a dynamic video starring Rosalía. AKQA and WPP's OpenX team were also involved in the creative process.

"We are thrilled to launch this campaign with Coca-Cola. I trust that the joy of music, taste and creation will be as fantastic a journey for everyone as the creation of the LLYLM song and the collaboration with Coca-Cola was for me," said Rosalía, Grammy-Award winning singer and producer.

In addition, the QR code on the cans provides fans access engaging digital experiences. For example, the Coca-Cola Creations Hub offers behind the scenes content of Rosalía’s making of the single as well as a film starring the singer, featuring animation and music from the new single.

In the future, Coca-Cola will unveil additional limited edition Coca-Cola Creations drinks.

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