Coca-Cola HBC expands its portfolio with new super-premium The Macallan whiskies

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary's premium spirits portfolio is expanding with three special expressions from The Macallan Sherry Oak range. Aged in predominantly  European sherry seasoned oak casks for 12, 18 and 25 years, these expressions showcase the signature taste and quality of The Macallan products, while demonstrating the distillery’ s dedication to crafting incomparable single malts. The Sherry Oak 25 yo in specific will be exclusively available at Four Seasons Múzsa bar.

The popularity of premium and super-premium alcoholic beverages is reflected in the fact that the majority of consumers do not abandon their preferred drinks despite the changing economic environment, so downgrading in quality and switching away from purchases is less significantly visible than for other product categories. The premium spirits market, where The Macallan is a dominant brand, is characterized by the consumption of less but better-quality alcoholic drinks.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary's premium spirits portfolio includes over 200 different products, including The Macallan's high quality single malt expressions. As the exclusive distributor of the brand in Hungary, the company primarily sells the super-premium whiskies to the HoReCa industry and in webshops, offering a limited number of only a few thousand bottles per year to its customers. The Macallan expressions available in the portfolio of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary have a broad value range and can reach up to several million forints per bottle. With the launch of the new Sherry Oak range, a total of nine The Macallan whiskies will be present in Coca-Cola HBC Hungary’s 24/7 portfolio.

The Macallan Sherry Oak range invites on a timeless sensorial journey with a series of single malt whiskies that are matured predominantly in European oak sherry seasoned casks from northern Spain, for richness and complexity. The Sherry Oak single malt expressions are characterized by tasting notes of ginger and dried fruits, with a depth of flavour that develops through the range.

With a rich, golden color, the matured character of The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old is complemented by rich wood spice flavors and notes of nutmeg and dried fruits. The smooth silk alludes to the long and warming ginger finish of this remarkable single malt.

MAC_2018_SO12_ROCKS_Lifestyle_Photo_RGB MAC_2018_SO12_ROCKS_Lifestyle_Photo_RGB

The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 Years Old expression is matured in a higher proportion of European oak sherry seasoned casks than American oak sherry seasoned casks, which gives the drink ginger, dark chocolate, raisins and dates notes.

MAC-2022-18YO-Sherry-Oak-Mood-Shot-3-JPEG_LE5000_@300dpi MAC-2022-18YO-Sherry-Oak-Mood-Shot-3-JPEG_LE5000_@300dpi

A true specialty, The Macallan Sherry Oak 25 Years Old single malt offers an intensely rich, full and smoky flavor character. This perfectly balanced drink is defined by notes of citrus and dried fruit.

MAC-2022-25YO-Mood-Shot-6-JPEG_LE5000_@300dpi MAC-2022-25YO-Mood-Shot-6-JPEG_LE5000_@300dpi

Every Macallan single malt reveals the commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit for which The Macallan has been known since it was established in 1824. For the company, it is essential to go beyond the ordinary, to seek out the extraordinary, and create unmatched single malts. They are renowned for their exceptional oak casks, that give the whisky its natural colour and make a unique contribution to the quality, distinctive aromas and flavors.

The three new drinks in the Sherry Oak range will be available to consumers in premium HoReCa outlets. The Macallan Sherry Oak 25 Years Old single malt whisky can be sampled exclusively at the Four Seasons Múzsa Bar in Budapest for the next six months, following a fruitful collaboration between Coca-Cola HBC Hungary and the luxury craft cocktail bar that began last year.



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