Seven palinkas of Rézangyal were awarded at the National Palinka and Grape palinka Competition

This year’s National Palinka and Grape palinka Competition closed with an award ceremony in the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament, which was preceded by a sensory evaluation in the city of Körmend. Several palinkas of Rézangyal brand that is part of the premium spirit portfolio of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary were also awarded at the event held on Wednesday, July 13. One of the seven products nominated by the company received a gold certification, while three products got silver and other three won bronze awards. 

At the award ceremony, István Jakab, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament said that the Carpathian Basin has excellent fruit raw material for palinka that is being made in distilleries operating at a high technological level. He added that no matter how excellent the quality of a spirit is, success can only be achieved if we make consumers aware of this through appropriate marketing, bringing back the culture of palinka consumption to the public consciousness. István Jakab stressed that palinka and grape palinka are Hungaricums, products under EU protection, represent national value, as well as a significant market value and opportunity.

László Mihályi, the president of the Palinka National Council said that this year 41 prestigious palinka houses entered the National Palinka and Grape Palinka Competition with more than 340 samples. The best products were judged by palinka experts who rated 64 of the submitted samples with gold, 148 with silver and 98 with bronze certifications. 19 out of those samples that received gold certification, won champion awards for the best in a subcategory.

All seven nominated Rézangyal palinkas were awarded

The professional jury awarded the Rézangyal Premium Sour Cherry with a gold certificate. The higher alcohol content is almost lost in the spirit’s taste, due to the excellent, tender aromas of the cherry, turning this strong palinka into a bonbon-like, soft and creamy drink.

The Premium Irsai Olivér Grape palinka won a silver certification. Its light, muscat scent reminiscent of freshly cut grass, that is also flowery and somewhat perfume like. The Premium Ripe Apple palinka was also awarded with a silver certificate, this spirit has a surprisingly strong scent, that reminds us of golden apple, combined with some cinnamon and pine honey. It has a thick taste character, that is also rich in aromas. The third silver award winner is the Premium Apricot palinka, which, along with the typical, tender aromas, has a higher alcohol content that gives it a sweet taste and spicier character.

The Rézangyal Premium Plum was honored with a bronze certification. The unique smell of the drink smell is mainly defined by smooth chocolate and characteristic cocoa aromas, that are paired with more masculine, well-defined taste. The Classic Barrique Plum palinka also won a bronze certificate. The first scent of the spirit is reminiscent of cloves and star anise that is coming from ageing in barrels. Spicy, herbal notes later alternate with a lightness of muscatel plums. Lastly, a bronze certificate was given to the light, elegant and fresh floral scented Rézangyal Classic Cherry which has a taste of chocolate and marzipan.

The awards were accepted by Gabriella Borbáth, taste master of Rézangyal and András Márton, the brand’s blend master.

Rézangyal became a premium product

Gabriella Borbáth is a member of the Palinka Judging Committee, and this year she was awarded at the event with the Palinka scrivener – 2022 prize for her work. Each year, the prize is given to the jury member who wrote the best and most sophisticated judgments.


I am delighted that all our entries were awarded. This year is a milestone in the history of Rézangyal, as it is the first year that we have participated in a competition with our products, and we immediately won 7 prizes. The result is an outstanding professional recognition for us and it is a confirmation that we are on the right track to achieve our goal, which is to be seen by consumers as a premium brand.

Gabriella Borbáth taste master of Rézangyal

Our aim is to be considered as a premium brand by domestic consumers and we are delighted to see that our efforts are recognized with prestigious awards by the Hungarian palinka industry. The unique blending method used by the brand, the high-quality ingredients together with the represented expertise made Rézangyal products worthy of being mentioned among the best palinka in Hungary.

András Márton blend master of Rézangyal