Coca-Cola HBC Hungary strengthens its coffee portfolio with Caffè Vergnano, the crown jewel of Italian coffee heritage

Hungary is among the first countries in the Coca-Cola HBC Group to exclusively distribute the products of the premium Italian coffee “Caffè Vergnano” from the 1st of January 2022. This opens a new and exciting chapter in the brand’s years-long presence in local stores and cafés. The roll-out follows the completion of Coca-Cola HBC’s acquisition of a 30% equity shareholding in Casa del Caffè Vergnano in October 2021.

Casa del Caffè Vergnano is a family-owned Italian coffee company headquartered in Santena. It is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Italy with roots dating back to 1882. In 2020, the company sold approx. 7,000 tons of coffee in more than 90 countries worldwide. Its product offering consists of premium, high-quality coffee that represents Italian heritage and authenticity at its best. 

This move represents an important milestone for Coca-Cola HBC Hungary: the company expands its already extensive portfolio with these premium products in order to become the leading 24/7 beverage partner in Hungary, offering a product for every occasion around the clock. Caffè Vergnano is highly complementary to its existing Costa Coffee proposition and will allow Coca-Cola HBC Hungary to address an even wider range of consumer tastes and segments. Furthermore, the partnership will increase Coca-Cola HBC Hungary’s relevance with its customers within the most attractive segments of the coffee category, while providing Caffè Vergnano with significant expansion potential through Coca-Cola HBC’s leading route to market network and commercial capabilities in the country.

Caffè Vergnano’s portfolio includes espresso variants of different origins and intensities, decaffeinate and organic coffees grown organically with respect for the local ecosystem. These products are available for customers and consumers to enjoy coffee in various blends, packages, and formats such as beans, roast and ground coffee as well as single portioned pods at retail and HoReCa outlets.

László Békefi

We are excited by the many great opportunities the year 2022 holds. One of these opportunities is the expansion of our coffee portfolio; with Caffè Vergnano, we can strengthen our coffee expertise in the domestic market with a unique premium brand that embraces the essence of Italian coffee culture. Caffè Vergnano enables us to offer a total coffee portfolio along with Costa Coffee that caters for a diverse range of consumer preferences. We reinvented our coffee category with the launch of Costa Coffee in the first half of 2020, and building on our experience and learnings, we aim to achieve similar success with Caffè Vergnano. We are grateful for the trust of the Caffè Vergnano team and will continue to respect the company’s 140-year history, dedication and the passion of four generations that has created such a rich and renowned coffee brand, synonymous with the authentic Italian coffee experience.

László Békefi General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

Our partnership with Coca-Cola HBC helps us accelerate our growth ambitions and the reach of our brand outside of Italy. By combining Coca-Cola HBC’s expertise, know-how and critical mass, with our heritage coffee brand, great products and deep knowledge of the industry, we are confident this will prove a powerful partnership in growing our business further in Hungary and many markets to follow.

Carolina Vergnano CEO of Caffè Vergnano