Thanks to the rise of quality coffee experience, coffee is no longer an uninspired gift

A few decades ago, there were few more basic gifts than a pair of socks, a new tie, and a pack of coffee. Nowadays, the situation has changed, as many people became a barista at home for their family, and as a result, about half of Hungarian coffee lovers give coffee or coffee-related equipment and tools as gift for the holidays. Of course, you should know the tastes and coffee habits of your friends and relatives and take into account what kind of tools they have as well as the intensity and strength of coffee they usually drink. So many questions to ask before buying coffee – the joint research of Costa Coffee and GKI Digital reveals how we choose coffee-related gifts.

Nowadays, anyone can become the family’s barista, as so many coffee-making tools, accessories, and a wide range of coffee products are available, that it’s not easy to decide what and to whom to buy when it comes to coffee-related gifts.

Coffee as a gift

Coffee is a popular gift: according to a survey by Costa Coffee and GKI Digital conducted in November 2021, 44% of respondents will give coffee or coffee-related gifts for this Christmas. Women prefer this type of gift even more: one in two female respondent gifts coffee or coffee accessories and tools. The shift from functional, ‘wake-up’ coffee to quality coffee is also reflected in gift choices, as special, premium coffee is the most common (19%) present. Traditional coffee (12%) and Christmas gift sets (8%) are also popular.


There is no better gift than coffee. It is particularly tasteful to buy a product that is sustainable and of high quality. Coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance (RFA) comes from trustworthy growing fields that are safe for the people who live and work there, and their transport and processing are also environmentally friendly – Costa Coffee is definitely a sustainable choice.

Iván Gávris Costa Coffee’s expert

Men spend more on coffee

Coffee is a useful gift, as most households typically spend on it every month. According to the research by Costa Coffee and GKI Digital, a quarter of women and a third of men spend between HUF 3,000 and HUF 5,000 a month on at-home coffee. Men also spend more in the higher category: one in every ten men spend between HUF 5,000 and 10,000 on this popular habit.

Women prefer foam

We can not only gift coffee, but also the tools needed to make it. These accessories can be very useful presents to those who prefer to make coffee specialities at home as their family’s barista. Various types of foam makers are popular, with products ranging from the cheapest to even smart products. These are more likely to bring joy into the lives of younger female relatives or girlfriends, as they use them more often than men: one in five women drink coffee with milk foam, and the proportion is even higher for women in their twenties.

Alternatives to milk and sugar

We do not only have to think about the presents but also the guests who come to visit coffee supplements are no longer limited to white sugar and milk. Plant-based drinks and alternatives to white sugar, e.g., various sugar substitutes, are very popular with women, so it is a good idea to stock up on these for the festive season full of visitors. The majority of men vote for black coffee, with 64% of them drinking it this way, while only 45% of women drink it without any supplements. More than a third of women drink cappuccinos and coffee lattes either at home or in a café, while only a quarter of men behave the same.


The survey was commissioned by Costa Coffee and conducted by GKI Digital in March 2021 and November 2021, with 2721 and 2703 respondents respectively.

COSTA_infographics_2021_Christmas_gift_small COSTA_infographics_2021_Christmas_gift_small