Most of us stick to our habits, but one in four people consume coffee differently during the holidays

The majority of Hungarians drink coffee the same way during the holidays as at any other time of the year. Moreover, most of them always dedicate time for this popular activity – according to a joint survey by Costa Coffee and GKI Digital on our coffee consumption habits at the end of the year. The results underpin what coffee experts have been saying for years: coffee consumption among Hungarians is shifting from functional, “wake-up” consumption to coffee experiences. Christmastime is no different, with every second household putting coffee on the holiday menu, and many of them serve coffee to guests even on Christmas Eve.

Some drink more

Although many have spent most of their time at their house over the past year and a half because of COVID, Christmastime is different at home: aften we finally gave each other the presents and the menu is ready, we can sit down and have a chat with a cup of great coffee. It seems that Christmas doesn’t change how most people consume their coffee: in a survey conducted by Costa Coffee and GKI Digital, 77% of regular coffee drinkers said they that they don’t change their usual coffee drinking habits during the holidays. 16 percent of respondents said they drink more coffee during this season, while 7 percent drink less.

Part of the menu

For 4 in 10 respondents, coffee is part of the Christmas menu as it is of every regular meal as well - 10% of respondents even serve coffee after the Christmas Eve dinner on the 24th. Moreover, one in ten respondents put emphasis on coffee consumption this time – they either make coffee specialities or serve coffee with the dessert for family and guests.

Some froth their milk only at Christmas

Costa Coffee also wanted to find out whether people choose coffee specialities for special occasions. It turned out that the majority of respondents, seven out of ten, consume the same brand, prepared in the same way, as they do on a weekday. Although many people, one in three respondents, come up with something special: 11% prepare for the holidays with coffee specialities, 10% with flavoured Christmas coffee, 7% choose a slightly higher quality coffee, and some only take the milk frother out of the cupboard only at this time of year. Buying coffees specialties and flavoured coffee drinks is more popular among women than men, and the research shows that women are more likely to make and consume them during the holidays.

Time spent on coffee

While you might think that it is more convenient to sit down and dedicate time to enjoy a cup of coffee during Christmas, the research from Costa Coffee and GKI Digital revealed that only one in five respondents spend more time drinking and making coffee during the holidays. They say that only then can they spend more time to make coffee, so they are more open to experiments. For those to whom quality coffee-making is important (60% of respondents), they find time for it in their everyday lives. Interestingly, 66% of men always make time for coffee, compared to 56% of women. However, it seems that Hungarian coffee lovers are increasingly turning to coffee experiences instead of “wake-up” coffee – if you haven't already, you should enjoy every drop of quality coffee during the holidays.

The survey was commissioned by Costa Coffee and conducted by GKI Digital in November 2021, with 2703 respondents.

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