Mocktail specialties made of non-alcoholic Fluère spirits competed above Budapest

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary's non-alcoholic Fluère portfolio was introduced this Tuesday in a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) competition held at the High Note Sky Bar above the heart of the city centre. The bartenders invited had to make a Fluère based Mai Tai cocktailwith no other instruction given to them. Zsófia Szabó won the competition with her non-alcoholic drink called “Kahe”, based on the decision of the jury:  global Fluère brand ambassador Nikulas Hannigan as well as two board members of the Hungarian Bartender Association, Péter Gózon and András Kinczler. Beside Fluère, the winning mocktail consisted of home-made spice, falernum, and almond syrup as well as lime and orange juice.

Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has been distributing Fluère (which means flow) non-alcoholic spirits in Hungary since 2019. Fluère is a main ingredient in the increasingly popular non-alcoholic beverages, called mocktails. The steam distillation process gives the drink intense herb essences and aromas as well as a long after-bite. Fluère provides an alcoholic beverage experience with the safety of a non-alcoholic drink. Perfect non-alcoholic cocktails rich in flavours and aromas can be made from it, such as the traditional Fluère Basil Smash, Fluère Daiquiri, Fluère Gin Tonic and specialties with unique names and ingredients.

Fluère,  is produced in the Netherlands, by the Hooghoudt distillery – founded in 1888 – in Gröningen. As it was proven by Tuesday’s course as well, the brand and the category created, inspires bartenders, encourages experimentation, and will revolutionize the mocktail landscape.

Fluère is currently available in Hungary in two flavours:  Fluère Spiced Cane with dark roasted coffee, cocoa, licorice, tonka bean, and caramel notes, and the Original Botanical Blend, a juniper-based spicy herbal distillate designed for gin-like non-alcoholic and low-alcohol cocktails.