Coca-Cola has won the Superbrands Award for the seventeenth time

The Superbrands Awards were organized for the seventeenth time this year, and Coca-Cola, as in every year so far, has once again won the seal that symbolizes high quality. The Cappy and Fanta brands were also among the winners this year.

The Superbrands seal is well-known by the general public and symbolizes high quality: the best consumer and business brands are rewarded in the international program. The award is given out each year by a 41-member committee of independent marketing and business executives, following a multi-round selection process.

We are proud that Coca-Cola has earned the Superbrand seal every year since the award was established, while Fanta has been rewarded for more than ten times. The Cappy brand has become the proud owner of the award for the seventh time this year.

The nomination itself is based solely on professional criteria and it is not possible to apply for it. This award is a positive feedback about our brands that rewards the best exclusively on a professional basis.

Coca-Cola, our company's flagship product, has been on the Hungarian market since 1967 and is still the most popular soft drink in the country. Fanta is also one of the five best-selling beverages and has been the Hungarian market leader in the orange flavored category since 2006. The Cappy brand is a prominent member of the ever-expanding juices without preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial colorings market.

International Superbrands Program

The program was launched 26 years ago by marketing and communication professionals in the UK. They had two goals: to put outstanding brands in the spotlight and to set examples to follow. Since its launch, the program has become known all over the world and today the Superbrands seal is considered a special qualification in nearly 90 countries.