Together again – Gianni encourages a return

„My mother has taught me that you always have to wait for the perfect moment in life. Well, this is the moment!” – says Gianni Annoni with her wife, Zita Debreczeni in this heartwarming video, which shows us how life is slowly returning to the terraces and gardens of HoReCa outlets. Restaurants, cafés, and hotels had to close for a long time due to the pandemic, and the tourists went home. Locals are still cautious about the situation and find it hard to return to their old habits and favorite places.

But our favorite places are open again! The tables, which were empty for weeks, will have life around them, and we can finally be together again. The sight of working waitresses, cocktail making bartenders and ingredient gathering chefs will once again become part of the city’s everyday life.

The moment has come for us to have a great time, to visit our favorite restaurants and cafés, and to finally be together again! From now on, we can have those experiences the virus took form us many long weeks ago – whether it be a great coffee on a restaurant’s terrace or a nice cocktail night. We’re #TogetherAgain!

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