Enjoy the flavors, as restaurants are open like never before!

During the recovery period, Coca‑Cola is helping one of the industries that were hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, the HoReCa sector. Most restaurants had been closed in recent months and therefore had no revenue. Starting from the 1st of July, Coca‑Cola Hungary will support this sector with a large-scale campaign. They have made and will display personalized advertisements – posters, online advertisements, and in-restaurant promotional materials – for more than 430 customers in Budapest and across the country. Most restaurants in this difficult situation cannot afford to spend on these, while they are in a huge need for publicity.
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The HoReCa sector needs help – since they are open like never before. Consumers missed being in their favorite restaurant, sitting in a cozy place and eating a professionally prepared meal. But now anyone can enjoy these things again – because restaurants are open like never before. Coca‑Cola helps to reconnect restaurants and their guests with a large-scale campaign. At the first phase of the “Open like never before” campaign in June 19, 2020, Coca‑Cola gave 100,000 bottles of free Coca‑Cola worth almost 50 million forints to guests of bars, cafés, and restaurants participating in the initiative as part of a nationwide campaign, in nearly 300 locations.

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Starting from the beginning of July, the company will continue their support in a different form and in an even greater volume: they have made personalized posters, online advertisements, and in-restaurant promotional materials for more than 430 customers located in Budapest and across the country. Most restaurants in a difficult situation cannot afford to spend on advertisement, but they are in a bigger need of publicity than ever. During the last few months, the situation has gotten so severe, that many HoReCa outlets had to shut down completely due to the lack of guests. As a leading beverage producer, Coca‑Cola’s sales data provides a good indicator of the state of the HoReCa industry each month: it shows that more than 8,200 restaurants or fast food restaurants, buffets, bars, hotels, and motels did not order a single bottle of soft drink during the two months of the restrictions period due to lack of guests.

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Posters, citylights and giant net ads showing restaurants with the faces of their owners, chefs, or waiters and their delicious meals will be displayed across the country from the 1st of July. The ads will be placed near the HoReCa outlets, so if someone wants to try out a restaurant based on the poster, they can do it right away. In addition to the outdoor advertisement, other forms of marketing are being made for the restaurants: inside marketing materials, banners, and online ads. The campaign includes a wide range of HoReCa outlets, from small to large size: retro, traditional or modern style restaurants serving Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Greek, American, Lebanese, Uruguayan or Far Eastern meals will appear on the posters in all districts of Budapest and in 54 other cities across the country.

“It was always a priority in our goal setting to support various communities. During the first phase of the crisis caused by the pandemic, we turned to those who needed help the most at the time. We joined forces with the Hungarian Red Cross then, to spread the messages of health and safety to the widest possible audience, and to support those who got in the most difficult situation. Now another community – our customers, the HoReCa outlets – needs support, so we will be focusing on them in the coming months. But of course, we continue to support the work of the Hungarian Red Cross, as we have done in the last decade” – said Péter Kerekes, The Coca‑Cola Company’s General Manager in Hungary

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